WTS Legend slayers bow

Discussion in 'Crafting and Trading' started by Tahn, Jan 24, 2004.

  1. Tahn

    Tahn Fledgling Freddie

  2. Fedaykin

    Fedaykin Fledgling Freddie

    15p :X

    and you used the charges :x
  3. Tahn

    Tahn Fledgling Freddie

    and recharged ^^
  4. Celilgrin

    Celilgrin Fledgling Freddie

    I am intrested

    Chendor or Gardiner ingame
  5. Xplo

    Xplo Banned

    Sidi stuff are worth nothing now tbh.
  6. Tahn

    Tahn Fledgling Freddie

    no one asked u tbh
  7. Johnny Depp

    Johnny Depp Fledgling Freddie

    it got 20 plat for mine :)
  8. Xplo

    Xplo Banned

    Why buy a bow if you can get a better one in 1 month with crafting artifacts? ;)
  9. Jpeg QuickStix

    Jpeg QuickStix Fledgling Freddie

    yes lets all go farm artifacts .....

    lets spend countless hours farming the scrolls (which are VERY rare , for the uber items)
    or spend 5-10+plat PER scroll (thats how much they will be for the rare ones) .

    then spend countless hours exping the artifacts to lvl10 .

    imo sidi will just be as exspensive when toa comes due to how VERY hard it is to collect the scrolls for the artifacts. and thats without even doing the event and hoping u win the lotto for the drop :)
  10. Red HATred

    Red HATred Fledgling Freddie

    Do you really expect ppl to pay this much money for a person that propably will have used this item????

    having a scout as alt will not let you sell this item as unused..... unless you would have a guaranty

    and tbh...isn't it about time ppl got their heads out of the clouds on the prices on sidi stuff????

    general info to ppl buying sidi stuff.

    Most itmes have been repaired several times... this is untracable atm... the bonus is gone, so as soon as you repair the item it will start losing Dur.
    :puke: :puke: :puke: :puke:
  11. Tahn

    Tahn Fledgling Freddie

    100%dur 100% con only used charges cos i dont like 5.0 spd bows and if u dont want the item why post here? :twak:
  12. Glottis

    Glottis Fledgling Freddie

    He just posted the same thing in my [WTS]Bane thread.

    Someone who is just jealous cause he cannot afford it. I bought that Bane by farming in DF. Anybody can do it really.
    Just some people can be arsed, and some cannot.
    Regards, Glottis
  13. Jpeg QuickStix

    Jpeg QuickStix Fledgling Freddie

    LOL @ YOU ....... Nuff said! im sure if YOU had a UBER item and didnt need it no more you would get AS MUCH as you could for it . everybody ofc wants as much as they can for the items THEY took the time to farm for. wether it be finding/winning the item itself or farming the cash to buy one.

    will be funny to see your comments if a Infil vest gets out up for sale on here cos im pretty damn sure that would be worth a fortune and i wouldnt be suprised at all if it would sell for 40+plat
  14. Tahn

    Tahn Fledgling Freddie

  15. Boobz

    Boobz Loyal Freddie

  16. Highwind

    Highwind Loyal Freddie


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