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Jul 14, 2004
Been routing through my vaults to raise cash for pala template, and found these items... so going to see what i can get for them:

magma infused buckler - 2.5p
gauntlets of the macabre: X 2

const - 15pts
hits - 32pts
peice ablative (pve only) - 4%
bonus to const cap - 5
bonus to hits cap - 32

100% quality

effective armour - 123 factor

these gloves i have no idea how much they are worth, would take some offers on them
lightning etched chain legs (cleric version)

again, dont know how much they worth, offers :D
and a rog i thought might be good:

spiritstrike fortifying bracelet

slash : 3pts
const : 24pts
Dex : 13pts
quick : 15 pts

15% spirit damage charge

offers please

sorry if this post is bit random, im rather poor :D:D

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