WTS: 99% Heat LW axe, and also 100%(MP) Spirit LW axe.


Can't get enough of FH
Jan 4, 2004
Wanting to sell two Legendary Axes,


arcanium Pyroclasmic Double Bladed Axe 3.7 Speed, 16.5 dps

Con 28
Heat 8%
Cold 8%
Melee Damage 2%
- Animals, Elemental, Undead
Bonus AF 10.

DD/with resist decrease proc.

Heat Damage.

99% 10p start bid , 25p buyout.


arcanium Tempestuous Double Bladed Axe 3.7 speed 16.5 dps

Con 28
Spirit 8%
Matter 8%
Melee Damage 2%
- Magical, Giants, Humanoids
Bonus AF 10.

DD/with resist decrease proc.

Spirit Damage.

Masterpeice 100%. 9p start bid, 25p buyout.

I reserve the right not to sell if the price isnt right blablabla :p

Good luck :cheers:

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