[WTB] Full suit MP af102 leather

Discussion in 'Albion' started by _Rhaum_, Oct 1, 2003.

  1. _Rhaum_

    _Rhaum_ Guest

    Couldn't find any tailors ingame able to take on my order so I hope I have more luck here. :)

    I'm after a full suit of MP af102 leather, if you can help please quote your availability and price on this thread or PM me.

  2. Caerdhros

    Caerdhros Guest

    I have vest (2p 500g), gloves (475g) and boots (475g) in stock. The rest can be made to order.
  3. _Rhaum_

    _Rhaum_ Guest


    I'll be in game tonight (from 6pm GMT onwards) to buy those 3 parts off you, can I place an order for the remaining 3 parts please? :)

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