WTB Full Respec Stone

Discussion in 'Crafting and Trading' started by Cox1, Sep 22, 2005.

  1. Cox1

    Cox1 Fledgling Freddie

    Offer 7p for 1
  2. Bigbrother

    Bigbrother Fledgling Freddie

    when u come to ur senses , and ready to pay overpriced , just because your desperat , send me a pm :)
  3. Contempt

    Contempt Fledgling Freddie

    read your own btw.
  4. Cox1

    Cox1 Fledgling Freddie

    why would i pay over price for smth that is free next patch?..keep hugging ur stone and lose out on plats when patch comes :)
  5. Fenderon

    Fenderon Can't get enough of FH

    free? for who? what? single respes? they get expensive quite fast :)

    or is it some classrespec I've missed out on
  6. Zeratuhl

    Zeratuhl Fledgling Freddie

    NPC buyable respecstones. they cost more the more times you respec tho
  7. Zeratuhl

    Zeratuhl Fledgling Freddie

  8. Mazzaca

    Mazzaca Fledgling Freddie

    well, you can atleast respec twice for much less money than you'd have to pay for the stone :)
  9. Cox1

    Cox1 Fledgling Freddie

    still looking for stone sm1 must have 1 they can sell !!

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