[WTB] Cape of Coruscating Harmony & 2 Rings of Coruscating Harmony + Instruments.

Discussion in 'Crafting and Trading' started by Retribution, Jan 22, 2004.

  1. Retribution

    Retribution Fledgling Freddie

    Lo Everyone,
    WTB them items in subject, 2 of the rings and the cloak.
    if anyone has em, also looking for a good lvl 50 sword.[slash] glowie as well :)
    max qual 14+ dps.
    also WTB instruments, mine are gone blue :(

    so need 1 of each Flute,drum,Lute. high lvl ones plz. with good stats.

    got any of these items, /t Retribution in game

    Later\z all.

    Retribution. Alb/Excal.
  2. -Freezingwiz-

    -Freezingwiz- Fledgling Freddie

    get some SC instruments ? :p

    and I have the cloak and maybe the ring, try to PM me ingame with an offer if u still wanna buy it then we can figur out a price ^^

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