WTB a few items


Fledgling Freddie
May 24, 2004
Yes these are expensive items im looking for, and i might not afford all of them right away, but if u have any give me a PM... And before you say they are rare items etc i know ;)

Looking for the following items:

Boots fo Rebirth (ML9 drop if i remember right)
Hauberk of Rebirth (ML9 drop if i remember right)
Arcanium Leggins of Fortification (ML10 drop)
Cloudsong (Artifact, i have the scrolls)
Woven Hair of Malamis
Immolated Ring
Ring of Torrent
Band of Stars

Give me a pm here or ingame or leave a msg here and ill PM you ingame or something to figure out a price for it... I have a few items to trade for but nothing too great... They are for sale at my Cm aswell /houseface 690 if interested... Thx in advance


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