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Discussion in 'Crafting and Trading' started by Soha, Mar 7, 2005.

  1. Soha

    Soha Fledgling Freddie


    LW Heat Arcanium Rapier Dex version 99%

    Start bid 1p
    Buyout 7p (at house 925)
    Ends on Sunday 19.00

    I keep the rights to not to sell if the price arent good enough

    /ps im also selling heat/cold lower qua versions at my house ds
  2. Aoln

    Aoln Guest

    1p ;<
  3. DavidH

    DavidH Can't get enough of FH

    Its not illegal put the startup price higher if you're pretty sure you'll not be satisfied by the lowest offer. 1p anyway though. ;)
  4. DavidH

    DavidH Can't get enough of FH

    Oh, and nerf Aoln. 1.5p
  5. Razemouze

    Razemouze Fledgling Freddie

  6. Soha

    Soha Fledgling Freddie

    bumpzor .. and midds suxs =) :eek2:
  7. Martok

    Martok Part of the furniture

    nerf you soha talk to me ingame in looking for high quality LW's
  8. Shanaia

    Shanaia Fledgling Freddie

    2.5 plat
  9. UndyingAngel

    UndyingAngel Can't get enough of FH

  10. Razemouze

    Razemouze Fledgling Freddie

  11. Soha

    Soha Fledgling Freddie

    Martok gonna get you in game

    Bump btw =)
  12. Soha

    Soha Fledgling Freddie

    Razemouse contact me here or ingame plz =)
  13. Soha

    Soha Fledgling Freddie

    Razemouze if u doesnt leave a msg here on who to contact or anything it goes to the one second on list
  14. Soha

    Soha Fledgling Freddie

    the first one that want the Rapier for 4p leave a msg here and its yours
  15. Aoln

    Aoln Guest

    i'll buy it for 4 :p

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