WTA Lots!


Fledgling Freddie
Feb 1, 2004
As topic says i want to auction the following items. it ends on wednesday at 16:00 CET

Crystalized Smoldering Sleeves Reinforced: start prize 200g buyout 2p!
Strength 22
all melee skills 2
Cons 22
Parry 3
Crush 6%
Slash 6%
Health buffer absorb proc.

Stardrop: Start prize 500g buyout 2p!
Crush 1%
Slash 1%
Thrust 1%
20% stat buff.

Arcanite Soot Smudged Boots: start price 200g buyout 2p!
Strenght 19
Cons 18
Hits 48
Cons cap 6
Str cap 6
Bonus melee dmg 2%
Melee health buffer proc

Ring of the brute: Start prize 200g buyout 2p 500g!
Cons 7
Hits 40
Str 7
Bonus to af 25
Bonus to hit cap 40
Lifedrain charges dmg 65

Belt of the brute: Start prize 500g buyout 6p!
Cons 30
Str 18
Hits 48
Str cap 6
Melee combat spd 2%
Heal charges Value 80

Cyclone Bracer: Start prize 200g buyout 2p 500g!
Crush 11%
slash 10%
Thrust 10%
Melee combat spd 2%
Dot charge dmg 64

Arcanite Mace of the tainted: Start prize 100g buyout 1p!
Celtic dual 5
Str 12
Hits 40
Bonus to af 12
Str cap 5
Heal proc Value 80

Arcanite enchanted runed defender: Start prize 1p boyout 10p!
Acuity 18
Cons 18
Bonus to Heal 10%
Cast spd 2%
Power cap 6
Heal proc value 80

Arcanite cyclpean cloud chaser: Start prize 50g buyout 500g!
Hits 52
Large weap 5
Dex 18
Bonus melee spd 2%
Hits cap 52
Lifedrain proc dmg 65

Arcanite Needle: Start prize 500g Buyout 4p!
Hits 80
Spirit 8%
Bonus melee spd 2%
Hits cap 80

Scorpions tail ring artifact: start prize 500g buyout 5p

Items can be found at houselot 3975 for buyout prize!

Thats it place your bets! :m00:


Happy Shopper Ray Mears
FH Subscriber
Dec 27, 2003
2 plat, runed defender

1 plat cyclone bracer

1 plat stardrop

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