[WTA]Arcanium astral leggings of the leech


Loyal Freddie
Aug 3, 2004
Just went on the ml10 raid and got these pants.
Just figured out I wanna sell em, cause I have no scout and im short on money. So post your bids here!

Arcanium astral leggings of the Leech:
level: 51 Qual: 100
- Fatigue: 5 pts
- Quickness: 18 pts
- ALL melee weaponskill: 2 pts
- Stealth: 4 pts
- Dex cap: 7 pts
- Con cap: 7 pts

Magical ability: (Proc)
Function: Stat drain

Str/con decrease: 25
Duration: 30 secs

Also casts a 50 dex/qui transfer

Thanks, bye!

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