WTA a few things


Jun 3, 2004
Ok please (to stop confusion :flame: ) state the item name before your bid

auction ends Wednesday at 8:00 gmt last bid bfore then wins buyouts are here coz im hoping to buy a house with the things i sell so bid nice n high ;)

Please PM Brelad ingame for buyout and you can have it right away :drink:

anyway...here goes
only one ive ever seen...none on Cms

Duskwood Rod of Desert Shadow - Starting Bid 4p 200g incriments buyout 7p

Magical Bonuses

-Crush 8%
-Slash 8%
-Constitution 24

-ALL spell lines 50 lvls

Level req 50

bonus cast speed 2%
Af bonus 15

10 Charges of 75 acurity bonus duration 10 mins


Ashen Cloak - Start 1p inc of 100g buyout 2p

Str 21
Hits 48
Energy 6%
Spirit 6%

level 49 req

48 hp bonus Cap 10 charges of 75 Af shield duration 10 mins


Cloak of flowing fire - start 500g 100g inc 2p buyout

has been used for about half a day so down to 67 con but 100% dur and 95% qual

Power pool 6%
Acurity 19

lvl 49 req

2% cast speed
7 Acurity Cap

10 charges of Hp regen Calue 40 insta duration 20s


Arcanium akil's Storm - Start 100g 50g incriments buyout 600g


Str 19
con 18
Hits 4

Level 49 req

Str cap 9
HP cap 40

Lifetap proc delve 65 100% returned

Ebon Hide Bracer - Start 1p inc of 200g buyout 6p
Rog thrust Polearm - Start 100g 50g inc

All mele 3
parry 3
str 22
quick 18

level 49 req

af cap 12
mele dmg 2% - human magical giants and dragons

Lifetap proc delve 65 100% returned


ok i reserve the right not to sell and withdraw any item at anytime and refuse any bidder.

ty happy bidding :cheers:


Jun 3, 2004
pm me ingame to collect bracer...this is also a bump if anyone sees anything they want PM brelad and name a price

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