Worth coming back?


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Jul 28, 2004

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Aug 3, 2004
Arus Canus said:
mm. Thought about coming back as well, but if prydwen rvr is dead, i see no point in coming back. ( pvp is my reason for playing )

Bought wow + prepaid gaming card 10days ago.... and just quit. Wow sucks ass. nice gfx, quests, mobs ... but oh what joy doin quests in ashenvale and such area's ! Never had so much fun turning in a quest when 2 lvl 60 alliance geeks raids the village as a duo, chain killing, corpse camping low lvls questing. ... need i say more?

No honor system can change this :p will still suck ass.

Go Daoc

Always love it when someone compares a pvp server on wow to a normal server on DAOC, just to try and support DAOC lol. As if high lvl vs low lvl ganking doesnt happen on camlann. And for the threadstarter, welcome back to DAOC whichever server you stick to :)

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