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Discussion in 'The Front Room' started by Jeremiah, Jul 12, 2007.

  1. Jeremiah

    Jeremiah Fledgling Freddie

    Hey! Does anyone know of any free-to-use wmv to mp3 convertors? Or at least any that offer full functionality for the evaluation period?

    I've got a friend (promise!) who needs to convert some stuff just for uploading to myspace, but his convertor only converts 60% of the track! And of course, being Scottish, he is stingy =)

    Any help greatly appreciated!
  2. Overdriven

    Overdriven Not a sandwich

    SuperAudiotool : google
  3. old.Tohtori

    old.Tohtori FH is my second home

    Asx to MP3 works wonders too.

    dunno about all the bugs, trojans etc...bet all of 'em have some...and this one only allows for 6 tracks at a time. But works wonders still.
  4. Bahumat

    Bahumat FH is my second home

    creative have software that you can use, probably able to get it off their website
  5. Flintlock

    Flintlock Banned



    I use Acoustica to convert audio files. Must be one of the easiest to use and has loads of powerful extras such as auto noise reduction. There is a 30 day limit on the trial download. I bought the program after that as it was so good.

    Bluesplayer TRIAL Software - Acoustica 4

    Eh, I know it is a link to my site and I will make a few bucks should you buy the program but all proceeds are put back into hosting DAoC vids mainly. If Freddys disapproves of this well I won't post such as this again - just don't ban me outright - plz. Send me a warning pm first if you would - directed at mods.

  6. Thadius

    Thadius Part of the furniture

    If your ripping froma cd, the newest version of media player aows you to rip to mp3
  7. Jeremiah

    Jeremiah Fledgling Freddie

    Oh thanks for the replies - you are all nice people!
  8. Bahumat

    Bahumat FH is my second home

  9. old.Whoodoo

    old.Whoodoo Can't get enough of FH

    I like Music Match Jukebox, used it for years for MP3s, great library system too.
  10. Lamp

    Lamp I am a FH squatter

    LOL stick around for a bit :p

    BTW, why is the ;p smilie still crap ?
  11. old.Tohtori

    old.Tohtori FH is my second home

    F*ck you hippy and your nice people bullsh*t! You want nice? Go play Hello Kitty Online you treehugging f*ck :D
  12. crispy

    crispy Can't get enough of FH

    Im pretty sure winamp has a plugin for that :>

    But why making lossy format to another lossy format is kinda :eek:

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