will Div be give via a ladder match

Discussion in 'Jedi Knight Academy League' started by RSO:Gray, Jun 26, 2002.

  1. RSO:Gray

    RSO:Gray Guest

    how will the divsions be given to each clan IE what division are we gonna be in will it be a ladder match or what ?
  2. FragFodder

    FragFodder Guest

    We're looking into the divisions listing at the moment.

    Our problem is that because JK2 is so new there aren't any clans about that can honestly say "we are the best". I think some kind of random draw for divisions tables will be done.

    Unless you've got an idea on how to "play off" teams for divisions. Maybe each competing team plays and if they win then they get seeded. 2 seeded teams per group and 2 unseeded.

    Or maybe get Excel to produce a random list of number from 1 to 16. Each number representing a clan and then the First 4 numbers/clans goto div 1 then second set to div 2 and so on..

    Its just a thought

    I'm also looking at setting up the fixtures now. That way we can just fill in the clan names when we find out who's in which div. The league is shaping nicly and we're trying to get the first games sorted within the next few weeks.

    From our reconning we think that 16 teams playing in one night will mean 8 games. We have 3 servers and 3 slots each (9 slots). Each team will play a match every tuesday.

    Time slots:
    6-8 (3 games)
    8-10 (3 games)
    10-12 (2 games)

    I know the 10-12 slot may be a little late we'll have to see how it goes.
  3. D33-

    D33- Guest

    Well however you do it can you please make sure 4Jedi are in the top division.

  4. RSO:Gray

    RSO:Gray Guest

    i recon it should be a knock out round whith a ffa first for div plases

    i think each team should get there best Saber combaton to enter a ffa with 15 outher clan reps to fight for the spots who ever has the most frags after 20 mins gets there divisions

    mr.a 37 frags = div 1
    mr.b 35 frags = div 1
    mr.c 32 frags = div 1
    mr.d 28 frags = div 1
    mr.e 17 frags = div 2
    mr.f 17 frags = div 2
    mr.g 15 frags = div 2
    mr.h 13 frags = div 2
    mr.i 12 frags = div 3
    mr.j 12 frags = div 3
    mr.k 8 frags = div 3
    mr.l 6 frags = div 3
    mr.m 3 frags = div 4
    mr.n 1 frags = div 4
    mr.o 0 frags = div 4
    mr.p -3 frags = div 4

    and so on this will be a good desider of whos team should go to what divsion and i recon this is fair (also if its Used to deside the divs could you name it the Gray Knockouts please )
    this will make the divs for the leage in just over 20 mins :clap:
  5. FragFodder

    FragFodder Guest

    An interesting though Grey, i'll speak to Zey about it, but no promises. I'm still thinking along the lines of the teams themselves deciding, by playing off as said up there ^ :)
    Picking Divisons based one player's merit may be a little inaccurate because there could be 1 ABSOLUTELY fantasic player in a clan and the rest of his mates aren't quite at his level. When he gets his clan into Div 1 and they get pummeled, they may not enjoy the league as much. And thats the fundermental basis behind the league... Having fun :)

    Infact, I'll post a poll, with the 3 options. FFA, PlayOff or Excel, and we'll see what YOU fellaz want :)

    Can I be clear on one thing though...

    Peeps have been saying things like "make my clan Div 1" (no offence D33, you're not the first m8).

    The Division numbers DONT, WONT and where NEVER INTENDED to reflect individual teams skills. Maybe in season 2 the top 8 from this season could go into Div1 and 2 but as it stands the Divisions are merly a method of breaking the 16 competing teams into manageable groups and sorting out Quarter Final places.

    As a point in question, it would make NO difference to me what so ever if =RD= (My Clan) where in Division 4 because that's exactly what it is, a division of the teams and not an indication of their skill :)

  6. RSO:Gray

    RSO:Gray Guest

    why make any clan Div 1 cos there asking for it, it shouldnt be a sayso it should be proven rights I think the Poll sounds good AND if my Knock outs get Top vote REMEBER TO GIVE ME CRED by naming it the Gray knockouts thats all i want as credit

    I love you all dudes see you in the arena Oh fragfodder whats your IRC channel dude? i cant find you
  7. D33-

    D33- Guest

    None taken..

    but I can offer strong proof that I'm not just saying it for the fun of it

  8. D33-

    D33- Guest

    Grays idea is flawed btw...

    If every unskilled player decided to backstab spam then you'd get people with no skills whatsoever winning when they shouldn't be.
  9. RSO:Gray

    RSO:Gray Guest

    tables can be made up D33 thats not proff with out screenys and also u need a leage Score not scrims, scrims mean F all if the clans you fight are just thrown together NO offence dude but more profe is needed to say your that good I.E. a demo to show its not a Whitewash with a fake clan whos not trying
  10. D33-

    D33- Guest

    Then try it your way by all means.
  11. Raktael

    Raktael Guest


    I think those 2 should have their clans in the same division, it would be funny!!

    Umm, let me just point out again like someone has b4...the division no's mean FAll dude, it's like the world cup, or would you stick Brazil, Argentina, Germany and Italy all in the same group? You know, asking to be in division one is just a stupid thing so you can say to everyone 'oh well we're division one, that makes us one of the best four clans'

  12. D33-

    D33- Guest

    I wouldn't know - I avoid football.

    22 men kicking a ball doesn't really excite me :)


    Also I didn't want to be in Division1 so I could claim to be one of the best clans... if I was going to do that then I'd spam 4J's results page left right and centre and already claim that title..

    I thought the most 'skilled' clans would all be in the top division so they wouldn't have to waste time anihilating clans who never stood a chance in the first place. That was my reason..

    Now I know your not running it that way then I have no further argument... and drop the rolleyes smile please... it doesn't make you look smart.


  13. RSO:Gray

    RSO:Gray Guest

    D33 dont like lameness :D

    lets just see whos in the divs i wont even mind if where Div 4 it makes no difrence to me But to my clan m8s who do want a Div 1 title I will help them (its just fun you know)
    any ways let the best Clan win
    can i get a pepsi indorcment
    we could telivise it on Sky sports PPV
    the nEWest Sport in the WOrld online gaming

    watch as this guy beats this guys head in with a virtual baseball bat and make his Guts intestins and blood fly (or GIB for short)

    :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:
    and the realty kicks in

    have fun PPl
  14. FragFodder

    FragFodder Guest

    LOL dudes chill...

    I'll have to admit this thread is a little ammusing :p

    First of all... I've no doubt as to anyones claims reguarding the skill of their clan :) Just makes everything a little more interesting. And I'm glad that I didn't have to point out that Div numbers are meaningless again, maybe I should change the title Division to Group (group 1, group 2 etc), avoiding that sort of confusion in the future.

    Anyway, I realise about the Backstab issues within a FFA decider and we're looking into some commands that make backstab blockable :) we'll see what happens. If the tests are successful we'll be using them in all matches.

    Grey, =RD= dont use IRC m8, just drop us a post on our forum at
    or the JK2 Div Site (link from main comming soon :p)

  15. D33-

    D33- Guest

    oh that's what I was going to ask..

    Why is there no #bwjk2l channel?
  16. lc_alan

    lc_alan Guest

    well i

    well i say it should be done as quickly
    theres no point doing play off
    beacuse we dont know any one skill so i just said radom
    beacuse we dont know who good any clans are
    + if u do ffa saber its pointless beacuse some poor sode cant fight with a saber and count as crap beacuse he hopeless with a saber that is gay i say quick and radom!
  17. FragFodder

    FragFodder Guest

    I'll have a word with Zey, he's the IRC fella.

  18. RSO:Gray

    RSO:Gray Guest

    looks like a Draw for the divisions

    well all's well that ends well

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