Discussion in 'Jedi Knight Academy League' started by lc_alan, Jun 25, 2002.

  1. lc_alan

    lc_alan Guest

    i like the idea of the league to be world cup style better than borning win a div :)
    so think i can be admril??
    nice to see some ef clans on here :p
    and some new clans and a new game so a different exsperenct
    hi blackshit i mean blackshirt ;)
    hows it going ??
  2. FragFodder

    FragFodder Guest

    It was Zey's idea :)

    But yeah, the problem with having straight divisions is because this is the first season and JK2 is still very new (compared to other games), who are the best teams that should go in Div1? etc.

    There's no fair way of doing it like that. Besides, as you say, most leagues run boring league tables then swap and change teams at the end of the season depending on their accomplishments.. we want everyone to have an equal chance of getting the Gold Medal :)

  3. lc_alan

    lc_alan Guest


    souds good alround :)
    just lets rock and roll ;)
    only 4 more clans needed!

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