Why everybody having such a ding dong about release date?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by [HB]Jpeg, Mar 20, 2005.

  1. [HB]Jpeg

    [HB]Jpeg Loyal Freddie

    iirc we have been given a official date by GOA??

    ok so the game shops dont have a proper date..... but...... does it really bother most of u that much u have to have it SAME day its released? is it a case of "O nooooooooooooo sum1 is gonna get to lvl50 with a warlock etc etc vbefore me" o nooo sum1 is gonna adventure catacombs areas before me!!

    u may get it release day u may get it 3-4 maybe more days later. tis no big deal....... not as if u cant play daoc via SI TOA or classic untill your copy arrives. we all know how much like monkeys the boys at goa are. so no need to whine innit?
  2. Bugz

    Bugz Fledgling Freddie

    Tbh, I don't know why people make all the fuss either.

    Just for the record I got ToA 4 months after it officialy came out, it's not that much of a biggy - just meant that i explored later on - which was nice because the toa rush had died down.
  3. Ethild

    Ethild Fledgling Freddie

    If the active players haven't got a clue about the release ... how are new players (which we so need to attract) supposed to have a clue?
  4. gervaise

    gervaise Fledgling Freddie

    As Ethild said. If active players don't know when its coming out what hope do potential new players have. The discussion has been focused on biggest UK computer games retailer 'potentially' not stocking the 'saviour' of DAoC. The great white hope coupled with the new marketing company and the 'extensive' trips being made by the GMs etc. If the end result is : release day = ??? then go figure what this says about things.
  5. Flimgoblin

    Flimgoblin It's my birthday today!

    new players won't need to know till the 15th when the boxed set comes out anyway...
  6. GReaper

    GReaper Resident Freddy

    Because the same thing happens every year?

    Original UK release got delayed 2 weeks due to distribution problems, however the EN servers weren't available until the delayed release date (a Friday).

    Shrouded Isles was released on a Wednesday in mainland Europe, however it was only until that day when GAME decided to release it on the Wednesday instead of the Friday.

    Trials of Atlantis was released on Wednesday in Europe, GAME was unable to release it early as they had no deliveries, however GAME released it on a Thursday when they had a delivery.

    Does the same thing have to happen every year...?
  7. IainC

    IainC English WAR Community Manager

    For SI and ToA (as with Catacombs), all UK retailers recieved stock the same day as their counterparts in Continental Europe.
  8. old.Whoodoo

    old.Whoodoo Can't get enough of FH

    Very true, but for Game we had to get an "official" email from GOA to get them to sell them to us a day early (Thursday) as they had them in stock, but were legally bound not to sell them to us till friday.

    Any chance of you guys emailing GAME HQ with this, in case they have them on the 24th again like Kemor did back then?
  9. [HB]Jpeg

    [HB]Jpeg Loyal Freddie

    @ the people above claiming he ding dong is for attracting new customers..

    thats crap ... nearly all the threads regarding the release of cata's it was all people whinging cos they wouldnt have there copy on the day it was released and would have to wait. bearly any1 at all mentioned new players.. which... as stated above its not a problem cos they would buy the multigame pack thingy.

    dont get me wrong i would like cata's on release date. and tbh i aint even tried looking where im gonna buy mine frfom yet and i do intend on making a new classs also.
  10. Accupuncture

    Accupuncture Fledgling Freddie

    As many have said it will be out when its out.

    BUT - why when you go to a link to play.com form http://camelot-europe.goa.com/en/index.htm?acheter does play.com still show 1st of April as the release date and speaking to them they confirm that this is the date they have been told by their suppliers is the official release date.

    They also said that they will not be releasing the game before that date.

    So looks like we will have to wait and accept the fact that we in the UK are not as important in the big picture and as someone else said it happens every time a new addon comes out.

    Maybe its about time someone in marketing learnt something from this?
  11. Formash

    Formash Fledgling Freddie

    Officially Games in the UK are released on a Friday, unless exceptional Circumstances, or the developers / publishers ask the stores to release early.

    If a game is released in Europe on a wednesday, in theory UK cannot sell game until friday, unless developers / pub's say sell on the wednesday.

    Reason for not stocking until thuirsday is exactly the above, UK retails fridays, therefore shipping doesn't occur on same day from shops HQ's.

    As a gm has said above - they gave Game the say-so for releasing early by the sounds of it, as shipping was early too. Its not goa's fault if Game didn't receive their shipments due to travel problems, or game not unpacking their boxes quick enuogh or something like that.
  12. Bloodhunter

    Bloodhunter Banned

    why are you making another thread about it then?
  13. Outlander

    Outlander Part of the furniture

    everytime a new post about catacombs release date is made you make a poor child cry in the middle east! WHAT ABOUT THE KIDDIES!!1! :eek6:
  14. Formash

    Formash Fledgling Freddie

    Oh, i thought they were crying because they are only being paid 1 lump of coal for making ten pairs of Adidas ?
  15. Honza

    Honza Fledgling Freddie

    Lol, you peepz are funny. I live in Czech republic. You don't have slightest idea how difficult it is to find e-shop shipping to CZ and taking credit cards issued in CZ (even if the are pure VISA/MasterCard). The situation had to be changed after CZ joined EU, but lol, rules obviously work only for "what CZ must to be admitted in EU", not vice versa. Sooo, today I'm contacting 1234th e-shop if they ship to CZ... Wonder if I get my Catacombs in less than half year (like it was with ToA).

    So... your few days more or less are, believe me, truly don't matter in slightest way.
  16. Dubaxter

    Dubaxter Fledgling Freddie

    Surely you know someone in the game who could buy it for you at a cost of only 14.99 GBP and send it to you. (obv English Language version though)

    If not I am sure someone might be able to help you out.
  17. Honza

    Honza Fledgling Freddie

    Same trouble... how to send them money? Doesn't matter... I'll find some way :)
  18. [HB]Jpeg

    [HB]Jpeg Loyal Freddie

    because it was a different side of the topic? instead of 1000001 people whinging about when they can be able to play it.

    im asking em why they whine so much about it., when a cple of days wont kill em if they wait,
  19. Aadia

    Aadia Fledgling Freddie

    So what if some people want it straight away on the 1st day of release.... isn't it their right if they want it soo badly?
    Ofcours i bet they can wait a few days if it really has to be like that but... haven't you had something you just really wanted/needed cuz you like it so much and because of human curiousity on the 1st day it came out?

    Quite funny you whine about people 'whining' about the release date... quite ironic isn't it? But then again... i guess that's what FH is all about.

  20. Bloodhunter

    Bloodhunter Banned

    and you really think ppl will stop asking about catacombs, and how dose it bothers you that they are confused and seeking answers?
  21. [HB]Jpeg

    [HB]Jpeg Loyal Freddie

    and where is my whine aadia? :) shoudla known u woudla replied ere with some sort of derogatory comment :) u always was good at that.

    and if u read my post i asked them WHY whine over it and make so many threads.when as u said in your own words,, they can wait if they have to... hence i wasnt whinigng i was simply asking a question . so instead of seeing it as an opertunity to have a dig then i suggest u read post properly :)
  22. [HB]Jpeg

    [HB]Jpeg Loyal Freddie

    one thread in which server admins have replied in would of been enough not 1000000000000000000 threads (ok exageration) on when its out and where to get it from.

    p.s no is answer to your question i dont think people will stop whinging . no doubt come relase date in EU and uk hasnt got it there will be 1000000 threads asking who's stoickling it where and when and if they are allowing them to be relased or not.
  23. Cybwyn

    Cybwyn Fledgling Freddie

    One reason people in the UK might be pissed off at not being able to get Catacombs on 24 March is the fact that it would have been nice to have the expansion to play / explore over the holiday weekend. That's the reason I'm annoyed about it.

    As it stands I have to wait until Tuesday at the earliest to get Catacombs then probably until the following Saturday to get to play it.
  24. stoptryingtohitme

    stoptryingtohitme Fledgling Freddie

    i recently sent an e-mail to a web distrubiter and they said that if they get the stocks in early they will send them early, so this is to GOA............. SEND THEM NOW! :twak:
  25. Raven

    Raven Brrrrr!

    I want to explore catacombs with my guild, which is a mixture of people from all over europe, i dont want to have to wait until a week down the line to be able to.

    I hope we do get it by the weekend, requiel said that the games stores/distributers would be recieving the games today, which according to goa means they will be sending them out today/tomorrow, we will just have to hope that the stores/distributers know this too.

    I have confidence that it will be all ok now. :D
  26. Accupuncture

    Accupuncture Fledgling Freddie

    I would not count on it - just spoke to the people at play.com and the have confirmed that even if they get the game early they will not be sending the addon out before the date they have been given ie 1st of April.

    I can only assume this is because of preasure from GAME as stated in either this or the other tread.

    So as for the information given by Requiel, maybe its a case of we have you, you will update, you will spend the money, we dont care if you dont get it the day the server/addon goes live.

    Ressistance is futile

    I for one am pissed with the piss poor information we are being given and the conflicting information we get from GOA and the retailer that supply us with the game, linked directly form DAOC website ffs.

    BUT as I said above what choice do we have other than say sod off im off to play something else.
  27. scorge

    scorge Fledgling Freddie

    The reason game are not stocking it in time, is due to the massive marketing campaign.... they are still waiting for it......
  28. Healer McHeal

    Healer McHeal Fledgling Freddie

    get there bank details, and just put the money into there bank, easiest way, or paypal acc or something, that should work :)
  29. Outlander

    Outlander Part of the furniture

    I run the home/export shipping for the company I work for and could send you a copy next day delivery, if interested let me know, maybe I send you a copy free of charge! ;)
  30. Honza

    Honza Fledgling Freddie

    Thanks for offer. Think I may use it if specialreserve.co.uk with which I am in contact now fails. I'll let you know if I fail there.

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