Why bother with cheap tactics in thid


Fledgling Freddie
Oct 14, 2004
I really dont understand why people set up shroom fields underwater in thid. come on is you skill to little that you have to pull the cheapest trick out the hat ?

Yesterday in thid i must admit there was some hectic action, and everyone did play well, hibs, mids and albs fighting, why oh why does someone have set up shroom fields under water ?

Wish i had got the name of who ever it was that was setting up the field underwater near CK, I wouldnt hesitate twice in naming and shaming.

Just to some up thid is fast action, and a little bit of fun there really is no need for tactics as the above mentioned.

P.S i didnt get killed by that shroom field so please dont post, oh someone got pwned by an aminist.


Fledgling Freddie
Sep 8, 2004
Aye - if the BG's are a place to learn to RvR - that's just what an Animist should learn, who's dumb - the person who sets a shroom trap - or the idiot that runs into it :) I think I know who to vote 4

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