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Hello peeps,

I was wondering which of these is the best... Morrowind, Dungeon Siege or Neverwinter nights?

I have heard that (as with most games) that there is good and bad in all of them. Morrowind appealed to me more because it seemed geared to the single player and seemed more realistic - not to mention looking visually fantastic!
I was put off the others because DS was meant to be too linear and NWN was a mutiplayer orientated game. Or so I have read.

Anyway I eventually chose Morrowind (as you can tell) and after playing it for an hour last night I am desperate for work to end so I can get home and carry on playing it:)
I have made the right choice as far as I am concerned - but it is early days yet. I just want to know do any of the other two games come close? I mean, all the reviews seemed to rave about all three of them... so confusing! But I have to say its great to have the choice though:)




I have those three... and each have their merits. The free online games are overpoulated by children at the moment - thought the solo versions are fun.

I enjoy Morrowind the most.


DS is a good hack n slash game, which requires very little brainpower to play sucessfully. Think Diablo in 3d and you've hit the nail on the head.

Morrowind would be a far better game if they'd sort out that bloody chaotic journal system and implement one like Deus Ex's or indeed NWN/BGs. Oh and optimise the graphics engine so I could play at more than 15fps (I have a p4 1.9ghz/512Mb/GF3 64mb system, so I'd like to be able to play at a decent framerate) thx!

NWN is a great game, much like DS (3d, same perspective and camera controls etc), but has loads more plot and has more involvement than DS. Fantastic SP game, which I'm still playing through and am nowhere near finishing yet, the multiplayer components only add immeasurably to it.

All 3 come with great map/area editors in order to make your own maps/mods.

Of the three I'd recommend NWN for sheer playability and depth, Morrowind next, if for no other reason that it's sheer beauty. Then DS last, as it's very repetitive, but is good fun while it lasts.



NWN was such a let down.

DS is Diablo2 3-D with a party.

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