which is better Neocron or Anarchy online?

Discussion in 'Neocron' started by Envenom2, Jan 5, 2003.

  1. Envenom2

    Envenom2 Guest

    well after nearly a week of playing i bought Neocron+Anarchy online on the same day i played Neocron for the 1st day yep pretty cool 2nd day i played Anarchy online ive heard alot about this game and was just gagging to try it out and tbh i found it alot more interesting with all the implants and stuff.

    so which will i be playing from now on? well its gonna be Anarchy online i have'nt touched Neocron since i played Anarchy online.
  2. Belsameth

    Belsameth Guest

    combat in Neocron is a LOT more interesting tho. and (when you play a tank) PvP involves a bit of skill here and there as well, instead of just uber twinking, which is needed in AO
  3. Cartel

    Cartel Guest

    I played Anarchy Online for a few days between Neocron beta ending and retail starting, one thing i did'nt like was the auto attack in AO, you just clicked attack on the monster and waited until your character killed it.

    In neocron fighting monsters or combat with other players is more like an FPS, much more enjoyable, At higher lvl's PvP is very good too.

    I cancelled my AO account after 2 days, IMO Neocron is so much better
  4. djohn2001

    djohn2001 Guest

    I have played every online RPG that has ever came out since 1990 and i must say Neocron is everything that anachy online should have been
  5. nicky-nook

    nicky-nook Guest

    Gulp Neocron.

    Regards Nicky.

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