What's neocron then?

Discussion in 'Neocron' started by The_Sheriff, Jul 28, 2003.

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  1. The_Sheriff

    The_Sheriff Guest

    From the level of activity here, I guess Neocron isn't popular amongst the BW clan?

    I've never heard of it so I will go look it up on the net.
    I'll post a link here for anyone who may give a flying intercourse.
  2. The_Sheriff

    The_Sheriff Guest

    Here ya go as promised....


    You'll have to cut and paste as I aint got full rights jus yet.

    There's even a ten day free trial.
    I'll have a look around and see if it's any good.
  3. The_Sheriff

    The_Sheriff Guest

    I totally agree.
    Thanks for the highly amusing/intelligent remark. Keep it up!

    Anyway, I've kicked off the download for the trial, should be ready in 4-5 hours.
    I'll post a review of sorts to help out anyone else who wants to know.
  4. Xtro

    Xtro Guest

    The problem with most of the quiet forums on BW is that on the rare occasion someone posts you can bet its one of the retard spammers from daoc (NB - No I am not saying all daoc players = retards I am talking about the retards WITHIN the daoc community etc etc tbh tbh).

    This means that most people are now ignoring ANY post in any of these forums...

    Back on topic (ahem). Played Neocron for the trial month (bought it on release) and found the interface to be terrible. The game itself showed promise when you finally managed to get out of the city but unfortunately it was FULL of hardcore german powergamer PvP nuts. Didn't do anything to warrant a sub so I quit along with 5 or 6 people I'd started playing with.

    I now think its totally redundant with SWG out anyway, shame really.
  5. The_Sheriff

    The_Sheriff Guest

    Read a recent review which said that there's a lot of english players on Saturn.
    Germans are on one of the first servers that started.
    Also the game has changed a bit since launch, like most of 'em do.
    I'll post a diary of such here as I go on.
  6. The_Sheriff

    The_Sheriff Guest

    The diary is up, but i'm locking it each time i put something in to stop trolls from spamming on it.
  7. rynnor

    rynnor Guest

    I probably still have a billion credits from the old money bugs - it may not have been a terrible game but it got released in early beta stage which is not a good way to impress retail customers.

    It had innumerable bugs and not too many players in the initial month or so - I doubt it has many players today and am quite surprised to hear it hasn't gone bellyup yet - its just a matter of time imho.

    If you enjoy it gl to ya :)
  8. old.Jeriraa

    old.Jeriraa Guest

    I had a 4slot artifact paineaser but the company keeps the account data only 3 months so its gone I guess.

    They just upped vehicles greatly and I'm thinking about going for a 10 day trial to see what the game looks like now. SWG PvP is pretty much non-existant. Neocron is ALL about PvP.

    You'll need a strong clan. Loners are pretty much prey for the Hardcore PKers. PK is penalized but that doesnt keep people from doing it. Anyway, I think Twillight Guardian cant enter the city anymore so most of the PKers wont bother you till you leave Neocron and enter the outzone/industrial zone/wastelands.

    This is what NC has:

    4 races/classes - each able to spec different things all to your liking - crossspec'ing is possible

    completely player-driven economy (you can only buy basic weapons/armor and ammo, everything else has to be crafted)

    "unique" weapons - you have to collect 5-6 parts of a weapon to get it assembled. these parts are rare/very rare mob drops

    alot of vehicles - ranging from the unarmed bike to the fullsized battletank

    a faction system - a faction usaly has 2-3 friends and 2-3 enemies, the other factions are neutral

    faction controlled territory - some factions are unable to enter certain locations without provoking NPC fights

    claimable outposts - these outposts give benefits to the clans crafters or even stat benefits to fighters
  9. The_Sheriff

    The_Sheriff Guest

    Hey that sounds really cool.
    Can't wait to try it tonight.
  10. The_Sheriff

    The_Sheriff Guest

    Then again...it's not good.
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