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    With Mercs out most people are moving over.

    Veng and BK are ok, but Mercs is the most balanced, and imho the most fun :-]

    So go out and buy one copy of Mechwarrior4:Mercenaries.

    But whats this I hear!

    some people online have bots you dont have access to?

    yeah thats cuz FASA/M$ are greedy buggers and to get all the mechs you have to buy two additional mech paks that make the extra chassis playable, these also come with some nice weapons like the Heavy Gauss Rifle and some other bits n bobs.



    They are 12.99 each from amazon, and you can buy one with the game for 38, meaning you can get all three for 50 quid.

    There are no patches out for Mercs yet, so nothing to download, just install and your ready to go.

    General online info:

    There are a few online settings that will affect your game and mech configs.

    Firstly Stock Mechs only - as it suggest no custom mechs.
    Some people like playing vanilla as it were, so everyone is on an even playing field.

    No Heat - as it suggests, no heat - this means mechs will have no heatsinks and have heavier weaponry, armour and speed.

    Unlimited Ammo - One less thing to worry about, it means you dont need to carry extra ammo, and can beef up armour/speed.

    No Respawn - You cant respawn during a mission, its a last man standing mission :-]

    the most popular settings are stock mechs off.

    about 80% of servers run stock mechs off, meaning everyone is config wh0ring worse than a Cs players worst nightmare :p

    NHUA - no heat unlimited ammo, these two go together, most servers running one will have the other.

    No respawn is only used in co-op online play or last man standing in destruction/attrition.

    the Game Types:

    Destruction, Battle + team variants of both.

    Destruction is DM - kills only, most kills winds - team destruction is just team death match.

    Battle - you get points for inflicting damage, and its ranked by damage, the more damage you do the more points you get.

    Team battle - individual scores on a team are totalled to give a team score, highest scoring team wins, team members cant shoot each other.

    Co-op - you play the single player missions, or objective based maps with an opposing force of humans.

    Thats about it :-]

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