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Fledgling Freddie
Dec 26, 2003
I wish you all welcome to check Blackbyrd Shop at Fedaykin Alliance Village (Moror - Wyndham). Our house is number three in village, lot number is 2165 (/houseface 2165).

Currently we have Cloth and Leather items for sale, as well as some potions and drop every now and then.
You can also ask for crafted Cloth, Leather, Staff or Bow items you can't find on merchant. Mostly we concentrate on providing highest level equipment as our time won't mostly allow us to craft wider level range of items.
We try to maintain supply of Power, Heal and Endurance Regen potions on merchant, but these might run out sometimes.
You can also let us know if merchant has run out of potions you wanted to buy and we will see to it that it gets refilled when we have moment.

Our rarer goods are kept in vaults and have no set prices, price will be considered if there is interest for buying. You are welcome to check our vaults in basement, 4th one from the left has the items that might be for sale, most of items in other vaults are not for sale and some in the 4th vault also are not for sale. Contact us if you see interesting item there.

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