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Discussion in 'Jedi Knight Academy League' started by FragFodder, Jul 16, 2002.

  1. FragFodder

    FragFodder Guest


    /* Has to start thinking long and hard about week 2

  2. mike-c

    mike-c Guest

    There were some really good games from what I saw & heard about.

    The Koto Vs MCP games I watched were nail-biting :D

    Well done guys! (The ones that turned up!)

    :clap: :clap: :clap:

    Hope to see more action next week.


  3. S3-FluKe

    S3-FluKe Guest

    What u thinking about?

    At least they all weren't all as bad as ours.

    We could've played 3v3 but thats not what the league is about, 3v3 when we were expecting 7v7? Totally different.
    Also we put a lot of effort into getting a clan organised to an extent that we could get 7 players and we thought that TSL could do by the amount of players on their webby.
    So basically we weren't going to turn away 4 of our guys for a tiny little game that would've been smaller than we've played on our ADSL host server.

    Hope JP are more reliable.
    I kinda feel sorry for the TSL guys who did turn up for cause I've been in that position too and they're the ones who cared enough to turn up and were let down.
  4. Raktael

    Raktael Guest

    Thanks Mike, they certainly were nail biting, I had butterflies, lol.

    I admin'd two matches today and was very disappointed with turn out from 2 clans...I'd like to thank PiT and R.S.O for their patience and sportamanship.

    Come on guys, we need a much better turn out and organisation from the clans taking part, and no excuses, you've had enough e-mails and time to check the website!
  5. FragFodder

    FragFodder Guest

    3 Games out of 8 where actually played. I'm not taking anything away from those who did take the time to show. Its the ones who didn't. This league has been put together over the last 2 months. Clans have been emailed repeatedly during the preparations about starting dates, server passwords, we even emailed a complete list of the server configs so people could setup their own bookables like the league servers. These emails along with the Website that has been updated almost constantly along the way and this forum, means we couldn't have kepts clans informed any better. So Rak is quite right when he says there's no excuse for not showing.

    I was a little miffed at SIN earlier this week for letting me know on Monday they where pulling out of the league. But in hind sight... At least they told us, instead of not turning up on the night.

    Anyway, tonights results:

    Session 1 6pm - 8pm Result Notes

    Server1 [Pit] vs LRD 150 - 0 PIT Default win
    Server3 [SITH] vs .-=TSL=-. 150 - 0 Sith Default win

    Session 2 8pm - 10pm

    Server1 MAD vs [DFA] -150 -150 Neither team showed
    Server2 [TWJ] vs R.S.O 3 - 74 RSO victory
    Server3 [JCC] vs =RD= 54-55 123-93 1 map each draw

    Session 3 10pm - 12pm

    Server1 JP vs FO 150 - 0 JP Default win
    Server2 SFI vs SIN 150 - 0 SFI Default win
    Server3 KotO vs MCP 64 - 46 80 - 76 KotO victory

    This is why I'm not filled with confidance. I'm gonna send round some emails tommorow and try to track down the missing clans. If they still want to take part then fine. Otherwise I'll politly ask them to stop wasting mine and your time.


  6. :(... aww me miss'd some good games
    I'm wonderin' something - =FO= had a match tonight against JP, and well just something that maybe of little note - but the Leader of =FO= wasn't even aware that they we're in the league let alone had a match tonight.
    I mean sorry Jedi Power, if I'd check'd yesterday perhaps may have been able to grab a skeleton crew of people up - however it is strange as non of the times have the timezone on them when i look'd and they state the date for Monday 16th as the match even though the state that the day is Tuesday. Clerical error perhaps. Probably just pressure, and I'm sure I can make sure that next week the =FO= guys are ready and up to have some monumental deuls ;)
    Thou the team is kinda small, becuase including myself - is 7 people exactly... very small indeed atleast compaired to others.
    So perhaps we'll have to do a 3v3 set, i dunno - depends if all the members can show up i guess.

    Well done everyone who fought - look forward to what the scoreboard looks like (^_^)

  7. FragFodder

    FragFodder Guest

    Errrrm you're right.. its the 17th now

    Thats coz its Wednesday morning

  8. S3-FluKe

    S3-FluKe Guest

    btw: the minimum is 5v5.
    We were only offered a 3v3, I was explaining why I and the other [SITH] leaders knocked it back.
    3 of out 8 :(
    The weird thing is that the admins probably feeling the same way as the more commited members of the clans who lost by default.

    Also =FO= dont be disheartened by your lack of members, 7 good members who can show up (least next week they'll know) is better than 30 who dont.
  9. bigfoot

    bigfoot Guest

    3 out of 8 isn't bad, i remember the Q3CTF league when it started and it was roughly the same i think. It should get better as clans get more up to speed :).
  10. Yoni

    Yoni Guest

    Last Night

    Fragfodder / Zey :)P)

    Nicely organised boys. It is a shame that there were a distinct lack of clans however we know that at the start of new games and leagues this kinda thing happens. Its certainly no reflection on your organisation skills :).

    JCC would like to thankyou for all the hard work you guys have put in and also they they had mucho fun :)

    A damsel with no dress


    Yoni aka Astro aka Whore
  11. Zey

    Zey Guest

    It's ok... my team are tossers anyway and didn't show... only a few did *cough*me*cough....

    But if FO did turn up, i would have taken them all on myself ;)
  12. lc_alan

    lc_alan Guest


    well we start of bad but its happend many times in other leagues
    but we can get thuoght this ;)
    well played to rd and jcc was a fun game to watch
  13. Zey

    Zey Guest

    Re: Last Night

    Give Credit to FragFodder, he did a hell of a lot more than me. Nice one mate.!!!!!!
  14. FragFodder

    FragFodder Guest

    Zey np m8... but it would have fallen appart much worse last night if the Irc channel hadn't been sorted. This is thanks to you :) Sometimes its quality of work rather than quantity.. I know jack about Irc :p

    Ok the plan for this evening.

    I'm gonna post on the clans forums (those who didn't show) to try and find out why, then i'm going to ask if they're still interested in taking part. This weeks results will stand. Its not the fault of [Sith] Pit and anyone else if their opponents didn't show, they've earned their points.

    I used the only email addresses I know of. Those are the ones next to the clan names on the league website. These are the addresses given when signing a new clan to BarrysWorld. So there's nothing more I could do about that (other than evolve several million years and develope telepathic skills)

    I will find out what I can and keep you posted.

  15. greendemon

    greendemon Guest

    I'm pleased the MCP v Koto game went ahead. A good time was had by all.

    Tbh, I did struggle to get a team together, although we did get the required 5 v 5.

    MCP play a lot of games, and many of my members have doubts about JK2. Fortunately, the games were enjoyable (even though we lost!). As they were enjoyable, I'm pretty confident that interest in the game will pick up even more, so fingers crossed I will be able to maintain a good turnout from MCP!

    Thanks to the Admins and Organizers for their hard work.
  16. lc_alan

    lc_alan Guest


    how come i got no credit ;)
    i was helping out realy hard on irc ;)
    i broke a sweat helping out on there ;)
    and i got no nails after the rd vs jcc match :)
    the adrmln never get any thxs :p
    ill just clap my self :)
  17. FragFodder

    FragFodder Guest

    /me hands alan a beer :)

    Happy now :p ?

  18. mr.Blacky

    mr.Blacky Guest

    I am glad group 2 had all its games :)
    Good Work FF and Zey.
    Had a nice game and thats what counts.
  19. Sorry.

    Sorry for the game but all of my Members where at work or asleep (i hate those timezone s**t) but [SITH] ..... we told u we coueld make a 3 vs 5 match not a 3 vs 3 just because 7 are to much for 3 players but u didnt want it :-( so i want to ask u if we can make a FRIENDLY clanmatch just for fun because i really want to fight against u.
  20. FragFodder

    FragFodder Guest


    Are you guys still taking part in the BWJK2L?

    I'm redoing the fixtures and moving the 6pm games to later time slots if that helps you out more. As for the 3v5, even I was under the impression you wanted a 3v3. Sorry there was a misunderstanding somewhere :)

    However, I couldn't agree to a 3v5 league game. The teams must be ballanced. 5v5 is the default unless the clans can reach an agreement otherwise.

  21. Raktael

    Raktael Guest

    Also, sorry to butt i Frag.

    TSL, I kicked one of your members from one of my servers (lol,BW server, I was admin) twice last night. Name is: =TSL=Skywalker (also changed to {MOTL}doomsday. He came into the server, was asked several times to leave as he wasn't part of the match, I kicked him, he came back, I kicked him again, and thankfully he didn't come back.

    Please sort out this member, barging into a server he is not meant to be in, and then ignoring me as the admin...i think not =oP
  22. mike-c

    mike-c Guest

    Indeed Raktael...

    I also noticed this person in the RSO game, and I did make a note of his IP address. He also frequents #bwjk2l it seems (using the nick _hustlerxp).

    As far as I'm aware he's not in the league at all - although I haven't taken too much time to research this.

    Lets just hope he doesn't decide to gatecrash again.


  23. S3-FluKe

    S3-FluKe Guest

    You dont have anything to be sorry about.
    There are obviously communication problems within the clan but you turned up.

    I dont know if our match arranger shadowhunter has emailed you yet but we had a BW server booked for Sunday and were looking for opponents so we were talking about a match on Sunday with TSL.

    Same reasons
    a) Fun
    b) Just to see who would win.

    Like I said though, 3v5 wouldn't have been any fun for anyone and I wasn't going to turn away 4 of my guys who made the effort to show up for a 3v3.

    Timezones? I thought TSL were 2 divisions like us?
    Anyone admins mabye this wandering TSL guy was looking for the match at the wrong time?

    Anyway It'd be nice if shadowhunter does sort something out with you guys and we can have a fair and hopefully fun game together.

  24. Xeno, the leauge matchs are best outta 3 no?
    So perhaps rather than tellin 4 guys that they're not needed, simply rotate which players are used. I mean I've noticed that some guys are quality on some maps and useless on others ... good idea to take note of who is good at which maps and what kinda style could help win (not that you appear to need advice howto win lol), just a thought of fairness to all those who turn'd up.

    I've miss'd both the Masters of =FO= again | Doh! | ... but I'm gonna be on one of the barrysworld FFA servers for a while, probably until early hours of the morning :)
    I'm on Gamespy so anyone who want to track which game exactly I'm in... feel free to - pointers on howto actually perform extra moves would be kinda nice.

    I've notice that in Defense Saber if I press [Crouch] then [Forward]+[Attack] (C, W+MB1 on my config) I get a kinda lifting jab, but I've noticed a few other type of attack that can't used as normal... just wondering if people know of them and can teach me. They're probably in the manual, but when i lent JK2 to my friend he lost it lol.
    Well Thanks and hope to see some of ya laters.

  25. S3-FluKe

    S3-FluKe Guest

    Yeah, I wouldn't have minded cutting down to a 5v5.
    Fragfodder was bending the rules a bit to allow a 3v3 in the first place.

    TSL agreed to a 7v7, they have plenty of players on their site but could manage enough people, end of story.

    A rotation wouldn't have been a bad idea and btw: the specials are in the manual ;) - Sometimes you need to time them right though.

    Wait u think blue is defensive?
    If you base your fighting style on that your going wrong from the start.
    its not defense, medium, attack.
    its light/quick, medium, strong/slow.
    Blue is anything but defensive, red will break through it almost every time.
    I've had people on servers attacking me with blue and I can just stand there on red stance blocking all their hits.

    Im not saying to use one stance, they all have their uses and switching is probably the best method but just be aware that red is more defensive than blue and always blocks(unless your attacking).

    If you drop into our clan server (www.aneworder.tk on the browser) Id be happy to show you a few things if Im on, cant you ask some of the =FO= guys to teach you?

    Also I've just noticed the site is updated with this weeks results and [SITH] have finally replaced {CRD} on all the fixtures :)
  26. FragFodder

    FragFodder Guest


    Yes, the site has been updated since tuesday so you can check your groups standings.

    Sith's fixtures have been there for ages, I just forgot to update group3's league table :p

  27. lc_alan

    lc_alan Guest


    m8 i got an easy tip for you if he boths you just ban the sod and if any more bothers you
    here the rcon cmd: g_banIPs
    first you have to find his ip by:
    rcon status
    and put his ip after the banip :)

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