Week 1 Predictions

Discussion in 'Proball League' started by dAyKiLLeR, May 30, 2003.

  1. dAyKiLLeR

    dAyKiLLeR Guest

    Don vs RGN --> RGN
    Hm RGN has with K1F a good new player, Don is missing the daily pub train, so i am going with RGN

    eN vs HS --> Draw
    Many thinking HS is the most powerful clan this season - well, both maps are field1... I think it will be a draw, if eN can get their best players on

    SRKT vs qubism --> SRKT
    SRKT shocked me a bit by a very good teamplay in a little funwar, never saw qubism playing, so i am going with SRKT

    MDU vs eQ --> eQ
    That will be a close one, I hope both can get 3 players on, I think the cookie man Salteh and eQ will do it

    |o|2 vs klafu --> |o|2
    Close one again, but I think |o|2 can get the points, klafu will have problems with 4on4 they said

    Go on and post your comments :)
  2. paulus0

    paulus0 Guest

    My view

    Don vs RGN --> RGN
    Don is just too lazy :D

    eN vs HS --> eN
    eN got some strong members and when they have their strongest team they will be hard to beat and won't fall for the HS tricks

    SRKT vs qubism --> SRKT
    Never saw qubism and i have seen SRKT a lot on the pub servers with some nice teamplay so they will win this

    MDU vs eQ --> eQ
    Hard one. Both are struggling to get the players. I guess experience will win this one

    |o|2 vs klafu --> |o|2
    klafu got some nice players, but they won't be good enough for the |o|2 guys.

    Go on and post your comments
  3. donk3y

    donk3y Guest

    jesus christ

    never seen such hard forum register shit.....bah cant even prenounce the words correctly..

    well guys...

    the way i see it..

    may the best win, dont try to predict the leaque and shit...it will always fail :)

    aaah well GL to you all
  4. Hyatse

    Hyatse Guest

    Uh @.o

    I think... Uhm.... ... do I think? I don't think so... do I?... how can I think that I don't think if I don't think? Maybe... think.. @.o think maybe? Hmm...

    Do I confuse you as much as I confuse myself? I damnwell hope so.

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