Discussion in 'Midgard' started by Zog, Jan 6, 2004.

  1. Zog

    Zog Fledgling Freddie

    Does anyone have some advice on procs for savage? We hit quite a lot so 2*dot is probably not the thing.

    Also - does anyone know how damage add proc stacks with skald and/or runie/shammy add? Sort of thinking about dam add on one hand.

    Thanks in advance :)
  2. Dracus

    Dracus Fledgling Freddie

    As savage is a grp char i would go with DD procs if the more exotic are outta ur reach (heal or LT) because of ur fast atk spd and many hits, as u say, DoTs are next to useless and DA cant really help imo. You just run a get 2 of those velly cheap DD procs and ur set ;)

  3. Tir

    Tir Fledgling Freddie

    My savage has a selection of claws with a variety of procs, use the LT ones PvP usually, but when using the cold/heat proc combo they fire so often it produces some nice firework displays. :)
  4. Elendar

    Elendar One of Freddy's beloved

    one dot is probably worth it, other than that a da or lifetap would be nice, but if you can't afford em get i'd agree with getting a dd i guess
  5. Zog

    Zog Fledgling Freddie

    I can afford lifetap if I could only find one :) Guess I need to farm TG some...

    Thanks for input, much appreciated!

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