Warsong Alliance players - a quick favour please :)


Fledgling Freddie
Feb 18, 2005
Heya, I play Horde on Warsong as an undead rogue, named Rousseau. You may also know me as Britvicbard from Prydwen a while back too. Last night I had the fortune of grouping with a lovely NE rogue named Nuadelle, and we did the very long escort quest in Jaedenar (once each for credit). Most of the communication was a combination of guesswork and emotes but we managed to both finish the quest without too much incident.

Anyway I would like to contact this person but obviously I can't really do that. Could someone from the Alliance be so kind as to spend a second using the ingame mail to send Nuadelle a message? Please give my email address: andytizer@hotmail.com

I'm not a carebear either, just might be interesting to shake things up if I have an Alliance contact too :).

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