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Warden Template

Discussion in 'Hibernia' started by TriggerHappy, Mar 14, 2005.

  1. TriggerHappy

    TriggerHappy Fledgling Freddie

    K well i have decided upon reroling as a warden,i go to a net cafe were there are some gr8 players but we dont have a full time warden so thought id hang up my scyhte and take the role,,, ne way i dont have to much cash so i was wondering if ne one could make a warden temp that dosnt have 13 artifacts

    p.s i have feathered wrap ;)
  2. Ilum

    Ilum One of Freddy's beloved

    Pretty opted high-end warden template (for healing role) : (also has traitors dagger for the proc and stuff which is nice the times you go interrupt mode)

    Str: 18
    Hits: 284
    Con: 75
    Dex: 103
    Emp: 93

    Body: 26
    Energy: 26
    Crush: 26
    Cold: 26
    Matter: 26
    Thrust: 25
    Heat: 26
    Spirit: 22
    Slash: 26

    3 Nurture
    3 Regrowth
    3 Nature

    Cap Increases

    26 Dex
    80 Hits
    16 Emp
    10 Str

    Other Bonuses

    23 Healing Bonus
    4 Style Damage Bonus
    8 Spell Range Bonus
    10 Casting Speed Bonus
    7 Melee Speed Bonus
    4 Melee Damage Bonus
    27 AF Bonus
    23 Power Percentage Bonus

    Piece Listing

    Name: Guard of Valour Warden
    Effect 1: 40 Hits
    Effect 2: 18 Strength
    Effect 3: 15 Dexterity
    Effect 4: 5 Dexterity Cap Increase
    Effect 5: 5 Strength Cap Increase
    Effect 6: 4 Casting Speed Bonus
    Effect 7: 4 Spell Range Bonus
    Effect 8: 4 Melee Damage Bonus
    Effect 9: 4 Style Damage Bonus
    Utility: 32.00

    Imbue Points: 37.5 of 10 (94 Qual) Overcharge: Impossible!
    Gem 1: 25 Dexterity - 99 flawless Vapor Essence
    Gem 2: 28 Hits - 99 flawed Blood Essence
    Gem 3: 16 Constitution - 99 polished Earthen Essence
    Gem 4: 11 Slash Resist - 99 faceted Watery Shielding
    Utility: 56.33

    Imbue Points: 37.5 of 10 (94 Qual) Overcharge: Impossible!
    Gem 1: 16 Constitution - 99 polished Earthen Essence
    Gem 2: 11 Body Resist - 99 faceted Dusty Shielding
    Gem 3: 7 Matter Resist - 99 imperfect Earthen Shielding
    Gem 4: 7 Cold Resist - 99 imperfect Icy Shielding
    Utility: 60.67

    Imbue Points: 37.0 of 10 (94 Qual) Overcharge: Impossible!
    Gem 1: 68 Hits - 99 flawless Blood Essence
    Gem 2: 9 Cold Resist - 99 polished Icy Shielding
    Gem 3: 7 Matter Resist - 99 imperfect Earthen Shielding
    Gem 4: 7 Energy Resist - 99 imperfect Light Shielding
    Utility: 63.00

    Imbue Points: 37.0 of 10 (94 Qual) Overcharge: Impossible!
    Gem 1: 7 Cold Resist - 99 imperfect Icy Shielding
    Gem 2: 7 Heat Resist - 99 imperfect Heated Shielding
    Gem 3: 7 Matter Resist - 99 imperfect Earthen Shielding
    Gem 4: 76 Hits - 99 perfect Blood Essence
    Utility: 61.00

    Name: Boots of Rebirth
    Effect 1: 18 Constitution
    Effect 2: 18 Dexterity
    Effect 3: 18 Acuity
    Effect 4: 10 Healing Bonus
    Effect 5: 2 Casting Speed Bonus
    Utility: 36.00

    Right Hand
    Name: Traitor's Dagger
    Effect 1: 10 AF Bonus
    Effect 2: 5 Strength Cap Increase
    Effect 3: 5 Dexterity Cap Increase
    Effect 4: 40 Hits Cap Increase
    Effect 5: 5 Melee Speed Bonus
    Utility: 0.00

    Left Hand
    Name: ML7 Druid Shield
    Effect 1: 25 Constitution
    Effect 2: 3 All Magic Skill Bonus
    Effect 3: 8 Power Percentage Bonus
    Effect 4: 17 AF Bonus
    Effect 5: 2 Casting Speed Bonus
    Utility: 61.67

    Name: Paidrean Necklace
    Effect 1: 10 Body Resist
    Effect 2: 10 Thrust Resist
    Effect 3: 10 Spirit Resist
    Effect 4: 10 Crush Resist
    Utility: 80.00

    Name: Healer's Embrace
    Effect 1: 15 Acuity
    Effect 2: 15 Dexterity
    Effect 3: 40 Hits
    Effect 4: 3 Heat Resist
    Effect 5: 3 Cold Resist
    Effect 6: 3 Energy Resist
    Effect 7: 5 Healing Bonus
    Utility: 48.00

    Name: Egg of Youth
    Effect 1: 12 Acuity
    Effect 2: 32 Hits
    Effect 3: 5 Crush Resist
    Effect 4: 5 Slash Resist
    Effect 5: 5 Thrust Resist
    Effect 6: 8 Healing Bonus
    Effect 7: 40 Hits Cap Increase
    Utility: 46.00

    Name: Belt of Moirai
    Effect 1: 7 Spirit Resist
    Effect 2: 8 Dexterity Cap Increase
    Effect 3: 8 Acuity Cap Increase
    Effect 4: 9 Power Percentage Bonus
    Effect 5: 2 Casting Speed Bonus
    Utility: 14.00

    Right Ring
    Name: Immolated Ring
    Effect 1: 15 Acuity
    Effect 2: 15 Dexterity
    Effect 3: 8 Heat Resist
    Effect 4: 8 Energy Resist
    Effect 5: 4 Dexterity Cap Increase
    Effect 6: 4 Acuity Cap Increase
    Utility: 52.00

    Left Ring
    Name: Immolated Ring
    Effect 1: 15 Acuity
    Effect 2: 15 Dexterity
    Effect 3: 8 Heat Resist
    Effect 4: 8 Energy Resist
    Effect 5: 4 Dexterity Cap Increase
    Effect 6: 4 Acuity Cap Increase
    Utility: 52.00

    Right Wrist
    Name: Bracer of Zo'Arkat
    Effect 1: 18 Acuity
    Effect 2: 5 Matter Resist
    Effect 3: 5 Body Resist
    Effect 4: 5 Spirit Resist
    Effect 5: 6 Power Percentage Bonus
    Effect 6: 4 Spell Range Bonus
    Utility: 42.00

    Left Wrist
    Name: Cyclone Bracer
    Effect 1: 10 Thrust Resist
    Effect 2: 10 Slash Resist
    Effect 3: 11 Crush Resist
    Effect 4: 2 Melee Speed Bonus
    Utility: 62.00
  3. TriggerHappy

    TriggerHappy Fledgling Freddie

    mate i really like that and a healing role was exactly wat i was going for but 2ximmolateds and bracer of Zo arkat gonna be hard to get but ty mate

    is there ne way of fitting in FW instead of HE??? :worthy:
  4. TriggerHappy

    TriggerHappy Fledgling Freddie

    and also why is the quality so low on the crafted pieces?
  5. Neffneff

    Neffneff Fledgling Freddie

    cos he couldnt be arsed to change it on the SC calc
  6. Ilum

    Ilum One of Freddy's beloved

    Zo'arkat isnt hard at all with tactics - 1 druid 1 bard 1 warden/druid/buffbot and 3-4 damage dealing tanks can do it easy - all you have to do it park the support on shore with a fop, and pull mobs there. Mobs will stay in water where you gank them.

    2x immos can be a bit hard yeah :)

    (its possible with focus too but its trickier, and need atleast 2 chanters to kill fast enough for encounter not to bug up)
  7. TriggerHappy

    TriggerHappy Fledgling Freddie

    well mate i got to say that template really looks good but expensive i dont know exactly how much but it has got to be pushing 100p minimum ne mate nice stats etc

    and once again hate to be picky but is there ne way of getting in FW over HE cause i have FW and i dont really wanna use HE,but ty and also wat ML choice is better for warden???
  8. Ilum

    Ilum One of Freddy's beloved

    Battlemaster is best for RvR. Fits the warden very nicely.
  9. Mckennitt

    Mckennitt Loyal Freddie

    Heh i dont think only immo and zoarkat are the only hard ones to get in this template..

    Or if u think u can farm moirai easy be my guest :p

    PS: V good templ in all aspects except it lacks 2 spell range ( not much for warden tbh but it lacks ) - v nice.

  10. Jika

    Jika Fledgling Freddie

    nice template and easy itams :) I had pretty much the same on Freddina .. was other belt and ring tho :)
  11. TriggerHappy

    TriggerHappy Fledgling Freddie

    noob Q

    ok i dont know wat the story i, ive been reading up on loads of Warden temps and quite a few have CTR or croc tear ring but according to VoS a warden cant use it ????? :flame:
  12. Brekahn

    Brekahn Fledgling Freddie

    Sup trigger :fluffle:

    Aye its true wardens can NOT use CTR ... stop puttin it in template's ppl !!!

    That temp is sweet though trigger consider it :cheers:

    and ofc i have a rake of items already for it so come checky out my barney bag etc

    I'll buy your fw off ya if u using this temp as young tinneth's drood will need it
    c ya soon irl laddy gl with exams :clap:
  13. Frostor

    Frostor Fledgling Freddie

    warden can use CTR and yes , the lvl 10 abbility works
  14. Jika

    Jika Fledgling Freddie

    dosent work for bubble? atleast didnt work when I played Freddina
  15. Frostor

    Frostor Fledgling Freddie

    hmm just tested it , CTR lvl 10 abbility doesnt work for wardens but u can activate it :x
  16. TriggerHappy

    TriggerHappy Fledgling Freddie


    k i just grabbed a pen and my copy so if this looks weird dont start to flame
    just pls gif advice etc


    body= 27
    energy= 15
    crush= 30
    cold= 25
    matter= 29
    trust= 34
    heat= 25
    spirit= 26
    slash= 25

    blades +6
    blunt +3
    nature +3
    nuture +3
    regrowth +3

    casting spd = 8%
    healing = 24%
    style dam = 4%
    spell range = 8%
    melee spd = 7%
    melee dam = 4%
    AF bonus = 10
    power per = 6%
    spell duration= 6%
    stat enhance = 6%

    i think i capped most and got the resists just about were i wanted them but i dont think the bonus`s r quite up to standard i used the following items

    Boots of rebirth
    Traitors dagger
    magma heather shield (ml7)
    Feathered Wrap
    Bracer of Zo`arkat
    ceremonial bracer (con)
    Filigree antalya ring
    Immolated Ring
    Lava etched belt
    legs <crafted>

    it comes from the template at top of page but i tried to make it less costly but i dunno if i acheived that, my main ambition ne way was to replace the 2xImmolateds(kept one) and the Belt and i also switched HE for FW dunno if it works as i said i would like all the constructive criticism u can spare :clap: :clap:
  17. TriggerHappy

    TriggerHappy Fledgling Freddie

    btw does ne one have ne of these items for sale cause i got non of them :twak:
  18. Shatar

    Shatar Fledgling Freddie

    With 6% power percentage you will go oop damn fast. Sorc mezz is energy and so is runie bolts and rc base dd (not that anyone uses it but still) I would rather drop some heat/spirit. Should be able to cap cast speed as well. There are some very nice power belts that are way better than lava etched. 34 thrust is also a massive overcap, meaning some item is using way less utility than it should since the thrust from it is going down the drain.
    Just my 2 cents.
  19. Frostor

    Frostor Fledgling Freddie

    my temp also includes only 6%pow and i dont go OOP that fast :x
  20. Mastade

    Mastade Fledgling Freddie

    same ;d
  21. TriggerHappy

    TriggerHappy Fledgling Freddie

    no mate this is gr8 i wanted to now wat the bad things were and u are completely right i have decided to change the sced part abit

    i now have an additional 68 hit poionts and 2% less crush and 7% less trust

    as for the belt,well most good belts r pretty hard to come across so i picked one that caps all the stats btw are both dex and con high enough?

    and also gr8 to hear both mastade and Frostor have same amount of power pool cause i know they are both pretty successful wardens
  22. Mutoria

    Mutoria Fledgling Freddie

    can I ask why you want FW in it so much when you dont even have it?
  23. TriggerHappy

    TriggerHappy Fledgling Freddie

    who said i dont have it ?
    if u mean wen i sai i had none of the items well the FW is on my VW atm
  24. Ronso

    Ronso Can't get enough of FH

    people get away with 6percent power pool ? fo mast - I aint grouping with u again... ;)

    jika has mentioned freddina more than 20 times this week ..thats a record :p
  25. Tallen

    Tallen Fledgling Freddie


    Without checking the whole template (difficult with no SC details), have you capped any of these stats?

    You have a +14 dex cap on that template and a +120 HP (if i am reading it correctly, from the Empathy score it seems I am), might be an idea to try and use them.
  26. TriggerHappy

    TriggerHappy Fledgling Freddie

    Magical Bonuses:
    - Matter: 9%
    - Cold: 7%
    - Energy: 7%
    - Slash: 9%

    Magical Bonuses:
    - Heat: 7%
    - Cold: 9%
    - Hits: 44
    - Blades: 4

    Magical Bonuses:
    - Slash: 7%
    - Matter: 7%
    - Cold: 9%
    - Hits: 68

    and btw i have tampered with it again to allow for cinder sleeves so the stats are now<bonus`s same>
    str 40 +10
    con 85 +5
    hit 268 +120
    dex 78 +16
    emp 90 +10

    Blades +6
    blunt +5
    nuture +3
    regrowth +3

    Body = 27%
    energy = 15%
    crush = 27%
    cold = 25%
    matter = 29%
    trust = 33%
    Heat = 21%
    spirit = 26%
    Slash = 27%

    well its a lil better ne way, all same items except now i haev Cinder Sleeves
  27. Tallen

    Tallen Fledgling Freddie

    Without starting another Warden spec argument, i hesitate to say this, but I will. The +4 in blades on your gloves could be removed and replaced with energy resistance, extra dex or hits.

    This is just my opinion that +4 blades wont make much difference to your melee on a warden, the extra resistance or hits, however, would (again, imo) be a much better investment.

    Feel free to ignore this if you want, its just an observation with no info on your spec or RR.
  28. TriggerHappy

    TriggerHappy Fledgling Freddie

    no mate that is a very good point and i may just change it i have been trying to get rid of Immolated ring from temp so if i can get the appropriate dex in there then maybe i could bring the Ring of Calm... into it because that has serious bonus`s and power pool

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