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Discussion in 'Warhammer' started by cHodAX, Jul 18, 2007.

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    think EA is trying to take over to much despite any contracts written... as they always do. hope they dont manage to fuck up warhammer totally. but i aint holding my breath :(
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    EA are a little pushy when it comes to there brand being used on a game, but why not? I mean they must be spending some money and effort on WAR.

    You don't know why the guy left, he could have moved for any reason.... I'm still hoping WAR becomes the next best MMO ;)
  4. Whisperess

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    It's a group effort, don't think there's any reason for concern - at all.

    As long as Mark Jacobs isn't going anywhere I'm happy. :p
  5. Roffe

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    Facts, like reading, are fundamental.

    1) Steve Marvin, while a great guy and a fine designer, had never been the lead designer of WAR, that's my job. He left Mythic professionally, politely and for a better opportunity at his new company than he could have had, at the present time, at Mythic. We expect him to do a great job at Iron Lore and wish him the best.

    2) Steve was indeed a lead system designer when he left.

    3) Steve left a while ago, not this week.

    4) We still have lots of designers left on the game and we continue to add more and more developers to the team. It is the nature of the industry for some people to leave while others take their place. Part of the process of growing a company especially when you are as large as we are now.

    5) Steve's departure will not have any effect on the game's release date, quality, etc.


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