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    This post is no longer updated.

    I hope many of you have found the information in this post useful. I've learned lots from maintaining it and it's frankly been quite fun. Right now, I don't think there is a need for such a general thread as this and I'll instead focus on being more present on the forums together with Nic. That said, maintaining and updating a post like this is an effective means of sharing certain types of information and should the need arise, we'll create new but probably more focused information posts.

    WAR Europe Updates

    Known issues
    11/04 01:50 CET - Influence gain disruption
    10/28 23:10 CET - RvR campaigns malfunctioning on some servers

    11/10 18:15 CET - Master Runes fix
    10/23 19:25 CEST - Client stability fix
    10/06 17:50 CEST - World Shaper title
    10/03 13:00 CEST - How to activate an account
    09/24 13:00 CEST - Server cloning Q&A
    09/18 12:10 CEST - Grace period dates and bonus days explained
    09/15 08:10 CEST - CE pre-order accounts can be activated by retail SE codes
    09/15 13:45 CEST - How to claim your unique Collector’s Edition content

    For transparency, outdated news aren't deleted but moved to a separate post; the Graveyard.

    Server bonus
    Makaisson: 20% Universal
    Zhufbar: 20% Universal
    Tiranoc: 20% Order
    Yvresse: 20% Order

    Upcoming features

    Character transfer
    November 10
    Character transfers are well under way and we've laid out an initial plan on how to roll this out. Please keep in mind that when transfering to a server, it will as usual not be possible to host two characters of oppisite realms on that server.

    Core RP
    Makaisson >> Burlock

    Open RvR RP
    Ellyrion >> Alarielle

    Karak Ungor, Karak-Vlag, Karaz-a-Karak, Tor Anroc, Yvresse, Zhufbar and Worlds Edge Mountains >> Karak Izor or Karak Norn

    Open RvR

    Clar Karond, Mount Silverspear, Sea of Dreams, Tiranoc and Finuval Plain >> Dragonback Mountains

    Realm WAR
    November 10 - The Realm WAR platform is now built and it is looking very promising. There's still a couple of technical issues which need straightening out and so I can't provide an ETA on the Realm WAR pages other than that there's been significant progress and that they're implemented internally.
    Test Server
    November 7 - Mythic recently announced their Public Test Realm. This is a great step forward, and will allow for a much more thorough testing of upcoming patches than any in-house testing could provide. Currently, it is yet unconfirmed whether we will be hosting European Public Test servers. It is our explicit aim to do so as we have witnessed the expertise and passion of European gamers throughout closed and open beta. Further, the hardware to run these tests is already available. Still, there are some challenges involved, such as whether we'll be able to translate new patches sufficiently quick to enable testing within the time limits we've got at our disposal. We are considering a few different solutions to this but as of yet, these things are not set in stone.

    Known issues
    11/04 01:50 CET - Influence gain

    We're currently investigating cases where players are unable to gain influence when participating in Public Quests. This is not limited to a specific server but only occur for a small portion of players. Seemingly, it is triggered when a player is part of a party.
    Status: Under investigation
    Resolution: A relog may solve the problem

    * * *

    10/28 23:10 CET - RvR campaigns malfunctioning on some servers
    The RvR campaigns are malfunctioning on some of our servers. Symptoms of this include that keeps can be captured in locked zones and that there is a lack of a contested zone. This is a known issue which clearly has a high priority. Currently, our CSR's report these issues to their team leads who work around the issue by manually resetting the RvR campaign.

    Status: manual work-around available. Contact a CSR.


    11/10 18:15 CET - Master Runes fix
    At 18:40 CET we will deploy a small client-side patch which is addressing an issue where the Runepriest Master Runes would cause a drop of performance for nearby players when deployed. This patch is applied silently; no server downtime is needed.

    * * *

    10/23 19:25 CEST - Client stability fix

    As you all know, there's been major client stability issues over the last couple of days with frequent CTD's (Crash to Desktop) as a result. Yesterday, we deployed two client patches aimed at resolving this specific problem. They did resolve the problem for most but not all players. Also, an unfortunate side-effect was that some were also experiencing increased latency issues after these fixes. We've now deployed a third client patch which will hopefully further decrease CTD problems.

    Please rest assured that this is a high priority issue and we've got QA and Monitoring working closely with Mythic to resolve this as soon as possible.

    Status: This has now been resolved and while client stability will always be a high priority and something we're working to improve, the immediate situation has been thwarted.

    * * *

    10/06 17:50 CEST - World Shaper title
    As a tribute to the patience, dedication and passion of our Closed Beta testers, they have all been granted the exclusive title "the World Shaper" this afternoon. You will find an in-game mail with the title "World Shaper". Open this and grab the attached scroll. Then open your Tomb of Knowledge where you'll see your name and your current Title. Press it to open the Title page. You'll find your new title in the "Exclusives" section and activate it by right-clicking it. Wear it with pride!

    * * *

    10/03 13:00 CEST - How to activate an account
    I've seen many players reporting that their accounts has been closed, and being quite perplexed about this. These players have often entered the codes provided to them and activated their account during Head Start. The deal is though, that these Head Start codes in themselves don't activate the 30 free days, nor can one continue playing with these accounts unless a full retail code is entered.

    Collector Edition: WARSCE
    Standard Edition: WARSBX
    EA Standard Edition: WARPEA
    EA Standard Edition box: WARSRE
    EA Standard Edition box: WARSRG
    EA Standard Edition online: WARSEA

    These are the only full retail codes there are. Unless you have, at some point, entered one of these codes, your account will be closed after the grace period and possibly also Open Beta bonus days are over.

    On a related topic: many are having problems entering their codes and are receiving e-mails stating that the codes they've entered is in-valid or already in use. I've been in personal contact with several players, and on every single occasion, they have either attempted to enter a non-retail code, or they've entered the code incorrectly. The former is easily avoided by making sure that the code you're entering has one of the above prefixes. The latter, however, is more tricky, as it is often difficult to interpret the printing of the codes. This is naturally unfortunate, and we'll certainly do what we can to eliminate possibility of misinterpretation when printing codes henceforth. Find below a chart of common misinterpretations, from our news.

    "G" may look like "6", and vice versa
    "5" may look like "S", and vice versa
    "B" may look like "8", and vice versa
    "V" may look like "U", and vice versa
    "I" may look like "L", and vice versa
    "0","O" and "Q" may look like "D".

    In addition, please note that "0", "O" and "Q" can't be found inside the key (but in the prefix).

    To enter a key, go to war-europe.com > My Profile > Enter a Key . It is possible to register a key without logging in. Click here to go to the key registration page directly. Please note that the "Validate my Key" button will only appear in the bottom-right corner once a full key has been entered.

    Should all of this fail, please contact Customer Support.

    * * *

    09/31 19:30 CEST - Authentication server time-out period increased
    In an effort to combat "Authentication Failed" issues, we have applied a change to our authentication servers, increasing the time-out period. Whereas this is not an end to time-out issues, we are seeing positive results and some who previously had problems logging in during prime time were able to do so effortlessly after the fix yesterday.

    * * *

    09/18 12:10 CEST - Grace period, bonus days and free month explained
    Bonus days, grace periods, free months.. Lots of free game time but potentially quite confusing. Find it explained below. Please note that the dates and times mentioned here concern European players only.

    Grace Period
    The grace period is the period immediately following the Head Start. As only pre-order customers gained entry into the Head Start, only pre-order customers are have a grace period.

    • Standard Edition Head Start: 7 days, or up to and including September 24th
    • Collector's Edition Head Start: 14 days, or up to and including October 1st

    Bonus days
    Due to the many problems and delays during the first few days of the Open Beta GOA's CEO decided to take action and give seven free days of game play to all Open Beta players.

    • Open Beta participants: 7 bonus days

    Free month

    • Anyone who buys Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning is given 30 days of free game time.
    Once you enter your full retail codes, you'll see any bonus days credited to your account in your Account Management pages.

    * * *

    09/15 13:45 CEST - How to claim your unique Collector’s Edition content
    Both the Standard Edition and Collector’s Edition pre-orders grants access to bonus in-game items. Whereas these are treasures indeed, they pale in comparison with the riches provided with the full Collector’s Edition in-game content:

    • Libram of Insight – Increased experience gained during 60 minutes. Three uses, 90 minute reset timer
    • Unique CE character heads – Twelve special heads (one male, one female for each race*)
    • Twelve special quests – one PvE and one RvR quest for each race
    • Twelve special titles – one of the rewards for completing the quests
    *With the exception of the Greenskins who get one Orc, one Goblin special head
    How to claim items
    This bonus content can only be accessed by entering a Collector's Edition code found in the full retail box. CE retail boxes will not be available before September 18th.

    To claim this content, enter your CE code at our code entry page. Items will be given to you in the same way as pre-order bonus items are: once the code is activated you will be sent an in-game mail with the item(s) corresponding to the code entered. Quests will be made available through the Tomb of Knowledge.

    The unique CE heads work similarly. You will be mailed a head item (a bit gross, yes, but this is WAR). Functionally, the special head is like a very special and permanent dye: bring it to a dye merchant, preview the face and go for it. Do remember that once changed, you will not be able to un-do the face transplant.
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