Want to buy powerlevel from lvl 10+ to 49 for in real life cash.

Discussion in 'Albion' started by tuso, Jan 21, 2004.

  1. tuso

    tuso Guest

    Want to buy powerlevel from lvl 10+ to 49 for in real life cash.

    Leave an offer here or pm Supra in game Alb/exc, Thx
  2. tuso

    tuso Guest

    wrong forum sorry
  3. liste

    liste Guest

  4. AevarSS

    AevarSS Guest

    er.. well seeing as the thread is here i may aswell hijack its attention..

    i really am on alb pryd and could do with powerlevel from levels 5 to 40 (or 45) can do either kind of cash.. ingame or real life (prefer ingame) so long as the offers reasonable ^^ pm ta
  5. chimaira

    chimaira Guest

    /QQ on
    Hi m8s!! u can sleep with my girlfriend irl if u Pl me new toon to 50 mmkay? :(

    /QQ off

    wheres daoc going to :(
  6. this is nothing.... maybe someday it will be like "WILLING TO KILL PEOPLE IRL FOR PL" or smt :rolleyes:
  7. chimaira

    chimaira Guest

    U can Pk my little sister if u Pl my chars in daoc mmkay? :(
  8. AevarSS

    AevarSS Guest

    jokes on you i dont have a gf!

    anyway ive leveled 3 chars to 50.. ive done my work. cannot be bothered to PvE another 50 levels in sub lvl 40 groups.. i dont have that much time or patience
  9. cruhar

    cruhar Guest

    2p for every 5 levels from 5-35

    take it or leave it
  10. old.Bubble

    old.Bubble Guest

    so 6p and your PL my toon from 20 to 35? :)
  11. [Oo]Escape

    [Oo]Escape Guest

    Sounds reasonable... or 6 hours cybor, take your pick :p

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