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Discussion in 'The Front Room' started by tris-, Jul 11, 2007.

  1. tris-

    tris- Failed Geordie and Parmothief

    anyone know of a website selling decorative flags that you stretch across your wall?

    im googling but im not finding what i need :(
  2. gohan

    gohan FH is my second home

    how big? and what material ect? i got one for the world cup from like sport an soccer thats liek 3 foot by 4-5 foor an has metal ring holes for nailing it to the wall/ handing on hooks
  3. Solo

    Solo Fledgling Freddie


    I got a giant lambretta flag, metallica flag and a massive Twister acrylic type film poster.
  4. tris-

    tris- Failed Geordie and Parmothief

    something like 6ft x 8ft and polyester probably, i assume thats the cheapest material.
  5. gohan

    gohan FH is my second home

    like union jack/ st georges or like football team or band ?

    ebay would be good, or visting that team/ bands officail site, probly ahve them in gift shop bit for union jack im not entirely sure lol
  6. tris-

    tris- Failed Geordie and Parmothief

    im after something hippy themed, like psychedelic colours and what not :)
  7. gohan

    gohan FH is my second home

  8. Lamp

    Lamp I am a FH squatter

    Tried looking but gave up.

    Can't you knock up a design on your PC, then get it printed onto canvas (or whatever material u want) ? There's loads of places that'll do it. Its like T-shirt printing. Only bigger.
  9. Solo

    Solo Fledgling Freddie

    look on psy-trance sites, or uv flags on ebay.
  10. Sharma

    Sharma Can't get enough of FH

    Hehe, I got a guinness and Fosters one :D

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