Very nice night in thid tonight

Discussion in 'RvR Discussions' started by Thegoldenarrow, Mar 1, 2005.

  1. Thegoldenarrow

    Thegoldenarrow Fledgling Freddie

    was fun hibs being out, i was part of the hib grp, i was Dangermouse, my fellow BM Goreteeth got alot of kills ;)

    it was a grp of 6, then grew to 8 for a short while then near the end think we were down to 4 ppl and we killed about 6 out of 7 mids i think one fight and killed quite a few albs to, best night of thid ive had for a bit anyway

    Dangermouse 23 BM
    Umathurman 22 Ranger
    Synthia 24 NS
  2. Ronso

    Ronso Can't get enough of FH

    hehe goreteeth..i know him from thid ..we dont fight each other anymore ..we tag team ..a skald and a bm rox hard :) obviously if i got a fg and he got more than 3 and visa versa we fight but otherwise we /salute etc etc :)
  3. Poli

    Poli Fledgling Freddie

    Dangermouse, played with you with one of my toons, at some point, cant remember which ;) Goreteeth is a RL friend of mine aswell hehe.

    My thid chars:
    Iava (24, capped, pink, bard) :eek:
    Civei (24, s/s hero)
    Quest (24, capped, Blade nightshade)
    Kill (20 druid, member of Chosen Firbcrew, a bunch of black firbs :eek7: )

    Have had some nice fights with them all, i remember playing with a mids gank grp, was fun.
  4. Poli

    Poli Fledgling Freddie

    I believe at one point, your mid guild charged me gore and a few others... and you all went on me hehe(was on mb), we had no healers, and i was the only one to die hehe and we were not even a fg ;)

    Was a bit lucky you all charged me, s/s hero with engage on, was like wow after the fight hehe, nice to see some nice mid-grps out there.

    Later me (Civei at both times), got friendly with you guys and helped out against the albs ;) (ofc we killed mids and you killed other hibs), i recorded Gore dueling one of you guys :) and a point where i nearly died when your MA hit me in a fight against albs.

    Was great fun :) /hug to you mids ^^
  5. Goretooth

    Goretooth Fledgling Freddie

    Heya m8s... Yeah Dangermouse... was really great... thx for the group...
    Heavily... /bow /salute /hug... u're great even though u beat my vw in duels :D...

    Hope I'll see you all again in there... good luck and all...

    Will go lvl my sucky vw a bit... and come play in Molvik/Leirvik when time comes... (name: Gores - lvl 33)

    - Gore ;)

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