Vanu Maxes

Discussion in 'Vanu Sovereignty' started by Turamber, Jul 11, 2003.

  1. Turamber

    Turamber Guest

    What do we think of them?

    Do we rate them?

    Any experiences (good or bad) that you would like to share?
  2. Flying, splash damage dealing motherfuckers. There, my opinion. :D

    Oh... Jackhammer with AP rounds. Works both on TR and VS MAX'.
  3. Their pretty good outdoors, since you can fly around and confuse people.

    Also running up to a wall and jumping onto it to beat up defenders is classy.

    Indoors you better be good at running behind boxes.
  4. -mk-

    -mk- Guest

    They kill me usually :(

    Something that TR MAX'es don't do as often. Decimator pwns :D

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