Valentines Day - DAoC Style

Roo Stercogburn

Resident Freddy
Dec 22, 2003
Ok lovesick lovebirds, Valentines Day is just around the corner. Yes, that yearly trauma is upon us. How do you express yourself for the virtual babe of your dreams? Stuck for that perfect rhyme for your card? Can't work out how to announce on alliance chat you love your pixelated piece of totty?

Let Dr. Roo help you become all that you can be!

Practice these in the mirror and by V-Day you'll be the stud muffin of choice to the female game-playing population.

Feel free to print off and paste these on to the cards you intend to send on the big day. well not free, send a fee.

Trust me, I'm virtually a gynaecologist :D

Without further ado, let the swooning commence...

Words aren't enough to say how much,
My love does shine for you,
So let me PL all your alts
Its all us geeks can do.


My love is like a bird with wings
And no I don't mean tampons
But I'm a luri you're an elf
to kiss you I'd need crampons.


I love you more than words can tell
Even though your bum does smell
And though at times real life can suck
You really are a damned good companion.


A thousand Hibs I've slayed for you,
To prove my love is true,
Ah who the hell am fooling now,
The RP's damned good too.


Along frontiers I've wandered
And searched for love thats true
Forgot to bring my leggings
And now my balls are blue.


I'll shower you with diamonds
A shower of gifts I'll fetch,
I'd much prefer you showered
Your armpits make me retch.


My love is like a red red rose,
This problem is quite thorny:
I'm such a geek I can't deny,
Your toon just makes me horny.


My love is like a troll that's washed
- A bit confused but clean
Take this to prove my love to you
- A still-wet Mincer's splein.


The moment I first saw you
I stared and so did you,
Well maybe thats not quite the truth
My screen froze as it blew.


Forever I'll be yours
Forever you'll be be mine
At least until I close my subs
Not quite the end of time.


FH is my second home
Jan 23, 2004
Again i must be the spin-off guy for Roo,
and bring a few poems for you.
So here's some lyrics to get you through,
so you can do what you want to do.


Baby, i know i caused some stress.
Just because i was supposed to mezz.
But let me please, let me apologise.
i crafted this armor in your size.

My love for you is like a glacier giant.
And sorry if this sounds too defiant.
I know my spec in RvR can really suck,
but couldn't we just go to bed and...

I know i should be... a better man.
I know you needed... a sturdier ram.
I know you wanted... to take that keep.
But baby please...give me a peep.

It's valentines, it's a perfect day.
So i hope, you don't mind when i say.
When friends wanna take a keep that i'll pass.
I say "No thanks, i'll just ram my girls..."

And finally one for my ego...

My friends all tell me that i suck.
My friends all tell me i'm a f...
Because when they want to grope a feel.
Their girls tell them they want Teh Seel.

Ok, happy v-day all! :p


Fledgling Freddie
Jan 13, 2004

/me eagerly waits the day on alliance chat :worthy:


Fledgling Freddie
Dec 28, 2003
Nice one! :D As it isen't a contest i guess iam not allowed to vote anymore :p


Fledgling Freddie
Dec 24, 2003
I've made my missus a card for valentines and I'm inthe process of calligraphing out the rhyme:
Roses are red
Violets are blue
All of my base
Are belong to you.


Balls of steel
Dec 22, 2003
lol good work fellas, nice to see some entertainment :D
rest assured my alliance will feel the wrath o my spamming skills...until they boot my guild :/


One of Freddy's beloved
Feb 11, 2004
Valintine in denmark...

Well it dosent really exist :flame: :flame:

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