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    If you have any reviews you wish to post, be it gaming or even non-game related, please post away. All reviews will be linked off the guides site with full credit given.

    Or... If you have a large review private message me and I can offer to put it upon the FreddysHouse Guides Site.

    Let fellow gamers know what you think of a new or up and coming game. Are you Beta testing something and want to tease us with a few snippets of info?

    Post away... :)
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    SAS Can't get enough of FH

    Battlefield Vietnam Review by Xane

    (Images will be added once I the IMG tag works within the guides forum... stay tuned...)
    "You'd better get fighting soldier, or we're all going home in body bags!"

    The silence of the subtropical morning is rudely broken, the speakers blast into life sending "Stars and Bars", the military radio station, all over the airbase.

    I check my equipment; Combat Knife, Pistol, M-14 semi-auto carbine, C4 explosives, a wrench for mending things and an oxy-torch for taking them apart, standard issue equipment for an Engineer in the US Marine Corps.

    The rush for the helicopters begins, I jump on the double rotor Chinook, but it's not my job to be pilot today, instead I take up a side facing machinegun, my comrade’s bundle into the back, bearing all manner of US military equipment; from the M-60 "Pig" LMG to the M-21 Sniper Rifle.

    The Huey Gunship beside us arms his rockets and tunes his radio; Wagner's Ride of the Valkyries blares out, obviously been watching some movie I suspect, the next helo switches on the familiar sounds of Ed Starr, "War, huh, what is it good for - absolutely nothing", damn commie pinko protester, our pilot responds in kind, but it's the good old rock and roll of CCR, we are rocking!

    An F-4 Phantom laden with napalm roars overhead, the sounds of "Surfin' Bird" follow his wake, the Gun ships storm off, we pause to pick up a Sheridan tank on the chain below. The mighty Marines are going into battle; our objective is the ruined temple on the east hill.

    As we approach Charlie's position, the air is filled with bursts from a ZSU-57 Anti Aircraft tank, we respond with MG fire and rockets, then one of the Gun ships takes him out whilst playing "Somebody To Love", an SA-7 missile from a shoulder launcher hidden in the long grass below, zooms up and barely misses us, then the temple looms out of the mists and we start to descend.

    The Sheridan is dropped off, he prepares for a fight and Canned Heat fills the air, several passengers jump down as the helo swings around, I let fly with the mounted machinegun taking out a gook in his coolie hat before he can aim his RPG-7 at us, the distinctive crack of AK-47s echo all around, we respond with M-16 and M-60, an NVA jeeps bursts onto the compound, drowning us with the sound of "I Fought The Law (And The Law Won)", its MG on the back starts firing, but a rocket from an M-72 L.A.W. blows him away, yes indeed - the L.A.W. won.

    Not before long the Stars and Stripes fly proud above the temple, we have a capture! But Charlie doesn't give up so easily, I notice a scooter creeping around the back and when he reappears a few shots from my M-14 stop him short, lucky he doesn't have a passenger. I intend to start planting my explosives, but it looks like the NVA is planning on retaking the flag right now, so I pick up an M-60 from one of my dead comrades and run out the archway to join the front line, but my life is cruelly cut short when a sniper bullet runs through my head.

    I have served in many battles, from the city of Hue, down the muddy Ho Chi Min Trail, through the dust of la Drang Valley and in the jungle swamps of Cambodia. I have died many deaths, caused by all manner of things; AK-47s, grenades, "Bouncing Betty" mines and booby traps, even been impaled on a poisoned punji stick, but I keep respawning for more, because I was "born to kill".

    I fought back in 1942, in Europe, in Russia, in Africa and the Pacific, even Italy and secret Germany, but in Vietnam the sights and sounds are much better, and the action more intense, not to mention the excellent music of the era. I've not driven an Aircraft Carrier or a Battleship here but there are many more American and Russian vehicles to try, and they've all got radios too!

    I'd recommend any veteran from WW2 to come over and get up to date, and if you've never experienced war like this, you should give it a go.

    Did I forget to mention the cool music?

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