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Discussion in 'Feedback' started by Moriath, Nov 1, 2014.

  1. Moriath

    Moriath I am a FH squatter

    i have tried twice to up,pad a pic to media file. Does it take time or need to be approved as the pics aren't shown in it yet?

  2. MYstIC G

    MYstIC G Official Licensed Lump of Coalâ„¢ Distributor Staff member Moderator FH Subscriber

    Shouldn't do, should be instant.
  3. Moriath

    Moriath I am a FH squatter

    I can see there is two files uploaded. However they don't display and when I go to add the pic to a post it says there is no media there.

    How do I make my album not private?

    Is that the problem?

    Can you see my album called moriaths pics ?
  4. Moriath

    Moriath I am a FH squatter

    No one can help me with this?
  5. Moriath

    Moriath I am a FH squatter

    I have now uploaded the picture three times and it's showing nothing added by me.

    @Deebs ,@TdC

    Help please. It shows three things in my album but when I click to open the album where it says moriath pics(3). It opens blank saying no media added.

    Think I am bashing my head against a brick wall
  6. TdC

    TdC Trem's hunky sex love muffin Staff member Moderator

    hmm it says "This user has not yet added any media."

    you need the @Deebs
  7. Moriath

    Moriath I am a FH squatter

    Yeah I know it does after uploading it 3 times lol. Cheers for the reply.. Wouldn't be cause I was doing it from an iPad? Though it found the files ok and I tired it from a drop box link too
  8. Moriath

    Moriath I am a FH squatter

    is @Deebs not around any more i tried this now via a pc and a new album and still cant see the files i have uploaded :(

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