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  1. Yussef

    Yussef Fledgling Freddie

    ** Weapons & Staves **

    Necromancer Staff of Tab'Fren

    Staff of Fire and Earth x3
    Staff of Fire and Ice x1
    Staff of Matter and Body
    Staff of Mind and Body
    Staff of Mind and Matter x4
    Staff of Pain and Servitude x6
    Staff of Sight and Pain x12
    Staff of Sight and Servitude x8
    Staff of Spirit and Body x7
    Staff of Spirit and Matter x3
    Staff of Wind and Earth x6
    Staff of Wind and Ice x3

    Adamant Tether Breaker x2
    Azure Arcanium Bone Breaker x4
    Azure Arcanium Crusher x6
    Azure Breaker
    Azure Harmonic Blade x4
    Azure Slicer x6
    Bane of Life x4
    Blackened Arcanium Crescent x3
    Blackened Arcanium Ravager x4
    Blackened Arcanium Slicer x4
    Cinqueda of Soulfire x5
    Crescent Pick x11
    Dark Knight's Justifier x3
    Dark Moonshadow Impaler x6
    Ebony Crusher x5
    Ebony Defiler x2
    Ebony Impaler x7
    Essence Shifted Flail
    Essence Shifted Whip
    Fate Slayer's Chitin Leg x3
    Fate's Gavel x2
    Fate's Sledge x8
    Render's Bone Breaker x11
    Rock Cracker x2
    Seething Runed Mace x7
    Shadow Whisper's Bow x2
    Shadow Whisper's Long Bow x6

    ** Armour **

    Azure Boots of Notes x5
    Azure Crown of Notes x4
    Azure Gauntlets of Notes x2
    Azure Leggings of Notes x7
    Azure Sleeves of Notes x1

    Azure Prayerbound Boots x7
    Azure Prayerbound Crown
    Azure Prayerbound Gloves x9
    Azure Prayerbound Pants x5
    Azure Prayerbound Sleeves x3

    Robe of Forebearance x2
    Boots of Forebearance x6
    Crown of Forebearance x3
    Gloves of Forebearance x6
    Pants of Forebearance x8
    Sleeves of Forebearance x5

    Celestial Warchain Boots x2
    Celestial Warchain Crown x3
    Celestial Warchain Gauntlets x3
    Celestial Warchain Leggings x4
    Celestial Warchain Sleeves x4

    Defiled Petulant Robe x2
    Defiled Petulant Boots x5
    Defiled Petulant Crown x2
    Defiled Petulant Gloves x5
    Defiled Petulant Pants x6
    Defiled Petulant Sleeves x4

    Defiled Sanguine Warplate
    Defiled Sanguine Boots
    Defiled Sanguine Crown
    Defiled Sanguine Gauntlets x3
    Defiled Sanguine Greaves x9
    Defiled Sanguine Vambraces

    Ebon Vanquisher's Warchain x1
    Ebon Vanquisher's Sleeves
    Ebon Vanquisher's Boots x4
    Ebon Vanquisher's Crown x5
    Ebon Vanquisher's Gauntlets x5
    Ebon Vanquisher's Leggings x11
    Ebon Vanquisher's Sleeves x3

    Livid Deceiver's Boots x1
    Livid Deceiver's Crown
    Livid Deceiver's Gauntlets x2

    Royal Assassin's Boots x7
    Royal Assassin's Crown x4
    Royal Assassin's Gloves x2
    Royal Assassin's Sleeves

    Sable Warlock's Boots x2
    Sable Warlock's Crown x5
    Sable Warlock's Gloves x3
    Sable Warlock's Pants x6
    Sable Warlock's Sleeves x4

    Sanguine Bowyers Boots x5
    Sanguine Bowyers Crown x6
    Sanguine Bowyers Gauntlets x5
    Sanguine Bowyers Leggings x14
    Sanguine Bowyers Sleeves x6

    Sanguine Silk Robe
    Sanguine Silk Boots x4
    Sanguine Silk Crown x3
    Sanguine Silk Gloves x2
    Sanguine Silk Pants x5
    Sanguine Silk Sleeves x2

    Shadowed Fatebinder's Robe x4
    Shadowed Fatebinder's Boots x8
    Shadowed Fatebinder's Crown x3
    Shadowed Fatebinder's Gloves x3
    Shadowed Fatebinder's Pants x6
    Shadowed Fatebinder's Sleeves x6

    Vigilant Oathbinder's Greaves x4
    Vigilant Oathbinder's Boots
    Vigilant Oathbinder's Crown x2
    Vigilant Oathbinder's Gauntlets x3

    Defiled Sanguine Robe x5
    Fate Slayer's Chitin x3
    Fire Thorn Hauberk x4
    Fire Thorn Vest x5
    Host's Regenerative Skin x28
    Sanguine Robe

    ** Enamels **

    Cobalt Weapon Enamel x8
    Royal Blue Weapon Enamel x7
    Turquoise Weapon Enamel x13

    ** Jewelery **

    Arcane Symbiotic Wrap x5
    Blood Spire Belt x2
    Blood Spire Bracer
    Blood Spire Cloak
    Blood Spire Jewel x3
    Blood Spire Necklace
    Diamond Encrusted Necklace
    Emerald Encrusted Belt x4
    Emerald Encrusted Necklace x2
    Etherbound Crystal x4
    Eye of the Soul Seer x10
    Legend Slayer's Quiver x11
    Ring of Bludgeoning x9
    Ruby Encrusted Necklace
    Sacristan Belt x2
    Sanguine Girdle
    Sapphire Encrusted Necklace x2
    Tome of Lichdom x6

    ** Tinctures **

    Stable Harm Turning Tincture x6
    Stable Mind's Eye Tincture x6

    ** Shields **

    Cobalt Small Kite Shield x2
    Moonbound Protector x1
    Small War-forged Shield x3
    Spectral Tether x5

    ** Instruments **

    Dire Discordant Drum x5
    Dire Discordant Lute x3
    Swarm Caller's Lute x4

    ** Stones **

    48 Single Skill respec stones

    Loot stats page

    Enamels = 10 points
    Stones = 10 points
    Intruments = 10 points
    Class Armour/Jewelery = 10 points
    Tinctures = 10 points

    Weapons = 20 points
    BP's = 30 points
  2. Yussef

    Yussef Fledgling Freddie

    Shop tomorrow at 7PM GMT, House 166, bring necessary items.
  3. Kreig

    Kreig One of Freddy's beloved

    Just had currious thought Yussef, with all this loot you have collected and every day that passes the closer and closer we get to ToA. With ToA randoms/quest items/artifacts being quite supperior to most things in the game currently what will happen to them all.

    Collectors items for glowys etc?
  4. Yussef

    Yussef Fledgling Freddie

    I'll be replacing all my personal stuff, will get rid of all the shop loot somehow :O
  5. Anarki

    Anarki Fledgling Freddie

    how many pts did you get each raid you didn't get anything? soz can't remember :touch:
  6. korebwyn

    korebwyn Loyal Freddie

    10 I think

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