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Discussion in 'Jedi Knight Academy League' started by [JKoN]KOSH, Oct 16, 2003.

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    hi all

    some updated info for you, due to jka being the resource hungry game it is, i now have only 2 league servers to use at anyone time, instead of the 4 i had with jk2. Therefore i have had to change the format of DuelsDay untill such time (if ever) the gods bless us with extra hardware. Leagues are unefected due to there timescale, however due to the 1 day nature of DuelsDay i cant run the same format as before (well not unless you want to play for 6 hours). The only alternative to this plan is to run DuelsDay over 2 days rather than 1 day :( , therefore i have made the following format changes :

    The 1st 2 rounds of matches will be 10 minutes in length rather than 15 minutes

    The 3rd round matches will be 15 minutes long as per normal

    The finals will now be 20 minutes in length rather than 15 minutes

    not really big changes and i hope these cure the 2 server problem, however shud it all goto hell in a handbasket on the day i will change the format once again and will keep doing so untill we get it right :) signups are open as of now i will email you all with times and dates of this contest, please note this is now a ALL saber event.

    JKA DuelsDay signups kosh-@barrysworld.com

    League Server ip's are as follows :

    GAME.NET League - (1a)
    GAME.NET League - (1b)
  2. [JKoN]KOSH

    [JKoN]KOSH Guest

    JKA DuelsDay to take place on Tuesday the 25th of November, see above for details
  3. [JKoN]KOSH

    [JKoN]KOSH Guest

    due to unforseen circumstances i will have to delay Duels Day for a bit Duels Days new date in now Tuesday 16th December i will send out new emails with the detail soon
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