UPDATED Help for the lower ML Ppls


Fledgling Freddie
Dec 22, 2003
I forgot about the 4.2 raid today so i would like to push the ML 1 raids back to Thursday at the same time 19:00 CET ( 18:00 GMT ). I would appreciate as many ppl coming as possible and as mentioned on the other thread please Have 1.5 done ( the Krojer duels ). We shall be doing them IN ORDER so everybody can do the 1.10 at the end.

Please remember what BECK said in the other thread, and for those that dont want to look here is the quick quote :

Beck said:
Also when you have completed ML1 and are onto ML2 or whatever.. you actually need ML experience to complete all the MLs after 1... you can either kill certain high level mobs to get this exp or a far easier way to get it is to go on a ML1 raid again.. if you are in a group with ppl who havnt done the ML1 grp encounters then for each person you get ML experience towards your current ML level.

When I completed ML1.. I did a ML1 raid again for my guild and completely filled up my ML2 exp bar.. so go help your realm.

fyi: In patch 1.68 you can get this ML exp from killing ppl in RvR.

Hope to see ppl at AERUS DOCKS at the mentioned time. All ppl are welcome of course.


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