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Discussion in 'Neocron' started by Louster, Jan 20, 2003.

  1. Louster

    Louster Guest

    Okay well uh. I registered and signed up and filled it all in and submitted and blah a little more than an hour ago, and still have not received any email with my account information or whatever yet. I am curious as to how long it should take to get this, as I'm getting just a little worried. The people in #neocron aren't terribly helpful either, and I haven't emailed support yet incase this is what's supposed to happen.


    The other thing that's worrying me slightly is that since it was taking ages, I tried going to the "retrieve password" page and typing my email address in and stuff, and it supposedly couldn't find it in the database. Is this because it takes a while to process or did I make a typo? I'm 90% sure that I didn't, since I checked it twice, but uggh.
  2. Louster

    Louster Guest

    Seriously, anyone reading this that's played Neocron, all I'm asking for is a few seconds of your time for you to tell me roughly how long you had to wait for them to email you your password and login info. You can just type "instantaneous" or "days" and that'll be great, sorted, and I can move on from here on my own.
  3. Louster

    Louster Guest

    Zuhh well the support people responded more quickly than I expected they would so hopefully it'll be sorted in a day or so.
  4. A classic tale in three posts; Shakespeare has been outdone!

    Good luck.
  5. Louster

    Louster Guest

    Heh heh. Crud. Welp. They replied quickly the first time suggesting using the "retrieve password page" which I've already mentioned didn't work, and are now taking ages replying to my reply. This is eating into my free subscription time and stuff. It's somewhat annoying. Feff.

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