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Discussion in 'Albion' started by ele, Nov 23, 2003.

  1. ele

    ele Guest

    OK..I don't often have a moan about anything thats posted on BW but I just wanted to comment on how the trading forums have deteriorated recently.

    This area used to be a place where you could get hold of stuff, sell crafted gear/drops with minimum hassle to save chasing people ingame, but tbh all I see here now are people being messed about a lot and it saddens me.

    I know its only a game but just following a few simple courteous rules would save a lot of annoyance for people wanting to purchase/trade items.

    For example:

    If you intend to try and sell an item you have for auction on BW in game too, specify that in the thread.

    Always leave a time/date/location and char name details of where the items can be picked up once bids have finished.

    If somebody doesn't collect, a single courteous pm via here to ask if they still require the item before it is resold is a good idea, as sometimes RL can prevent a person logging on through no fault of their own.

    Its a simple rule, to avoid problems in business, to communicate effectively, yet there are few who do so on here. Just a little food for thought.
  2. Lochlyessa

    Lochlyessa Guest

    Bump for this imo ;o
  3. frogster

    frogster Guest

    Strong Bumpage Lochubus!
    /em beats Lochlyessa with a inflatable Rhino named Leonard.
    /em eats Ele's food for thought
  4. ele

    ele Guest

    /em stlong postfarming from Froggy :(
  5. Brelakor.

    Brelakor. Guest

    Im a fish, and now everybody knows.

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