trade ToA scrolls


Fledgling Freddie
Feb 3, 2004
trade ToA scrolls (selling/buying is ok also)

Hi, Im in Mid/Prydwen and have 10 scrolls that I want to trade to other scrolls (or sell).

I have:

1. Dysis tablet 3of3 (for Nights shroud bracelet artifact)
2. Helenias letter 1of3 (for Stone of atlantis artifact)
3. Marricus journal 1of3 (for Crocodile tooth dagger artifact) I have 2 of this
4. Loukas journal 1of3 (for Dream sphere artifact) I have 4 of this
5. Loukas journal 2of3 (for Dream sphere artifact)
6. Spears history 3of3 (for Golden spear artifact)

I want to trade these to some of Nailah's Robes scrolls. Scrolls I need are called Nailah's dairy nr1 and nr3. Im also interested in scrolls to artifacts as Tartaros Gift (staff artifact) and Crocodile Tears ring. More artifacts scrolls im interested in are: A Flask (jewel), Belt of the moon, Snatchers tale (bracer), Band of the stars (bracer) and Maddening Scalars (gloves). Feel free to trade scrolls for them too.

In game you can message me on Heheyougotboned / Heheyougotowned, or email me:

Good luck in your ToA hunting!


Fledgling Freddie
Jan 23, 2004
i wanna buy Loukas journal ´1of2 and 2of3! pm ayvia ingame.

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