Toa :(


Fledgling Freddie
Dec 22, 2003
Why am i finding TOA Laggy and graphics suck?
atm i havent even been in TOA but at fins im hating it and ive only been using it 10 mins


Fledgling Freddie
Dec 29, 2003
Could be your PC isn't fast enough to run it right, have you tried turning all the graphics settings to their minimum? The only problems i've been having with ToA is that the RoG helm i got (99% af102 chain! :eek7:) makes me look like some kind of shellfish is trying to suck out my brain ;)
Feb 29, 2004
Agree with Arch on this one.....

plus you havnt even been to Atlantis, its breath taking in places i can assure you, took on my first red con mob solo with my friar underwater yesterday, soo beautiful underwater in places, it dont lag for me tho, only when zoning i get a bit of slow down, my specs are:

AMD Athlon XP 1800+
512mb DDR Ram
Geforce 4 Ti4600 128mb GFX
ADSL 512kbps connection
plus i also run a firewall & On-scan virus checker, no lag here. :kissit:


One of Freddy's beloved
Dec 22, 2003
running nice on my xp3000, gforce 5600, 1gb ram. Full gfx details up high and looks mint.
Do get lag when zoning but nothing major.


Fledgling Freddie
Jan 4, 2004
There are lag / performance problems in some areas and on some servers. More patches to come in 1.68 and, I think, 1.68a. May help. No date for 1.68 of course but considering the vast number of changes I would expect it to be sooner rather than later.


Fledgling Freddie
Dec 30, 2003
I put water on Classic, Disabled TOA Terrain n Trees..

1.2GHz Thunderbird
762Mb _SDRAM_ (aka sucks)
Some sucky MSI mobo that supports MAX 1.5GHz
GeForce 4 Ti4800 GS SE 128mb (Note, not overclocked, so is like Ti4400)
Using 33.11 Detonators

TOA runs as smooth as SI, except if alot of models on screen. Graphics are nice, Underwater looks god damn great. Surface water is classic but i don't mind it that much..

Trees and Reflective Water are the 2 things that suck FPS like mad. So far i'm happy with TOA, even if it killed RvR for 1-2months. Farming scrolls, done ML1, got muh Belt of Moon now, farming more scrolls.. some to sell ($$$), some to use. Not so terrible as i imagined, altho the Belt of Moon/Sun and at least ML1.5 (Solo encounter) are very stupid, because Belts can be griefed, and only 1 can do Solo encounter at a time.. also it's impossible for support class (dunno about Aug Healer) and hard for casters without MoC, UNLESS someone heals you outside (Which works btw)

And Yes, the underwater (Especially caves n such, like ML1.10) look god damn awesome. As realistic as DAOC engine allows imo.

edit: I do have the 1-2sec trigger lag in displaying text + doing actions, but it's no so terrible as it's PvE

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