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Fledgling Freddie
Dec 23, 2003
Well, as most know the TLW sidi raids over the past few weeks have been more than a little sporadic due to a multitude of reasons. People get bored of constantly leading the same raid over and over, people no longer have the time to lead, etc etc etc.

So, this has meant that more than a few times there has been a number of people standing in Gwyntell waiting for a raid that didnt happen etc which is a shame as the TLW mod system, whether you like it or not, makes for about the fairest system to actually _get_ an item you want.

So anyway, heres the deal

From a week monday (January 12th) there will be a Regular MONDAY raid leaving Gwyntell 30 mins earlier than the old raids, So be there @ 1900 to sort grpage and leave @ 1930.

TLW rules will still apply as will the mod system.

The main difference will be that there will be more than 1 lotto

Basically the aim is to offload all of the items gained on the raid as the "Sidi shop" is unmanageable and generally a pain in the arse (you can still buy stuff from it with mods etc but no new items will go in there). Current mods will continue.

So - 1st lotto round standard TLW ruleset will apply. Can only roll for the nominated character (Alt or char on raid) and if you win your Mod will be zero'd (mods included in rolls).

2nd lotto - Items not claimed in the initial lotto can be lotto'd for again (nominated character again) with _NO_MOD_LOSS if you win.

3rd lotto - Free for all, all the leftover stuffs lotto'd away regardless of character.

Problem with this system is that it will make the lotto a little longer than it used to be. So, Bind in Gothwaite or be able to get to Goth within 10 mins of the end of the raid as the lotto WILL start 10 mins after apoc wipeout, if you are not there you cant lotto.

original TLW rules =

As to whether there will be regular friday raids again I dont know as I am unable to commit to leading a friday raid due to work shifts.


You mean you can roll for items in the shop aswell as raid drops or ?

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