Tier 2 Open RvR


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Jul 24, 2004
Hey guys was just wondering if any of you were involved in orders failed attempt to take stonetroll keep last nite (they may have taken it in the end). We managed to get inside the keep after having to wait an age for someone to turn up with a ram :p whilst we were all bashing the gate with our uber powerful melee powers (WH btw).
So we got in milled about the ground floor for a while and then decided to charge up against the Lord. Unfortunately there was only 2 tanks,2 healers and large amounts of squishy dpsers. So the majority died, whilst a small group of us managed to escape downstairs, only to find the door magically repaired blocking our escape or at least a chance to regroup. At this point destro decided to turn up at the same time as all the mobs decided to repop on the ground floor where we got well and truly splatted.

So we all released and decided to regroup back at the war camp where we decided to run via the Dest Warcamp see if we could hit any stragglers where upon we spotted a large group heading out obviously to go to the now unbesieged keep. They halted rather quickly and we were in a bit of a mexican stand-off situation with only a few brave destro tanks willing to charge our ranks. Obviously gathering their numbers we eventually had a rather impressive skirmish going on as they pushed us back and we pushed them back etc etc. Myself having some rather tasty duels with a WE, altho eventually their numbers won out and pushed us back to our war-camp where we had some more skirmishes.

I have to say last nite was definitely one of my most enjoyable evenings of WAR so far and long may it continue!:clap:


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Dec 22, 2003
Some fun battles tonight also, we had 2 groups out and had some nice fights. Keep up the keep battles, they're great:D

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