Thx to all in Molvik last evening


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Apr 8, 2004
was good fun fight's last evening , especially the one just outside mid PK when me ( Beget ) and my guildie Fyllekvinnan ( thane ) charged in on 6 hibbies and killed 2 on first charge and the rest on second charge ( after /rel and rebufing ):)

and later on when all guildies were onlien ( 5 ) , when we met up again outside alb tower but now you were 8 people + 1 add and we had a NICE long fight , that we won hehe ;)

/salute to you all , Regards Berget 37 DB 2700 Rps :)

Ps. ultimaxxxxx get some balls and don't shoot one arrow and then run away , cause next time i'll kill you camlann style.Ds.

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