This may be gay, but i aer teh lonely :(

Discussion in 'New Conglomerate' started by leggy, May 30, 2003.

  1. leggy

    leggy Guest

    Right :)

    I was wondering if any of the NC outfits here are currently looking for infil/hacker. I am not that leet but am uber friendly :D

    I'm finding it a pain in the arse trying to organise attacks with people I don't really know. Half of them end up on the wrong continent or find it funny dropping me out of a galaxy over the sea :(

    Anyways.. sorry if pimping myself is a little lame.

    Let me know

    Teh leg.
  2. Xtro

    Xtro Guest

  3. Jupitus

    Jupitus Guest

  4. Ya just message me ingame, and ill sort u out with an invite
  5. leggy

    leggy Guest

    You are a gem DMW :)


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