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Discussion in 'Templates!' started by BloodOmen, Jul 16, 2007.

  1. BloodOmen

    BloodOmen I am a FH squatter

    for starters this isn't my work :p i did not make this template it was posted on VNboards and i think it deserved some FH attention... best reaver template i've ever seen.

    Strength: 100/100
    Constitution: 74/75 (75)
    Dexterity: 101/100
    Quickness: 74/75 (75)
    Piety: 79/80
    Hits: 296/300

    Body: 26/26
    Cold: 20/26
    Heat: 20/26
    Energy: 21/26
    Matter: 15/26
    Spirit: 19/26+5 (24)
    Crush: 25/26+2 (27)
    Thrust: 25/26
    Slash: 25/26+3 (28)

    Parry: 10/11
    Shield: 10/11
    Flexible: 11/11

    Cap Increase
    Strength: 25/26
    Dexterity: 25/26
    Piety: 5/26
    Hits: 100/200

    TOA Bonus
    Armour Factor: 40/50
    Spell Duration: 25/25 <------ 7 Levi/Slam
    Casting Speed: 4/10
    Spell Range: 8/10
    Spell Damage: 10/10 <----- Muhahahaha 10% Levi Damage
    Style Damage: 4/10
    Melee Damage: 4/10
    Melee Combat Speed: 8/10 (Still Caps swing speed with 17% Haste Pot and 3.0 Weapon @ 1.5 Cap )
    Fatigue: 9/25

    Chest (Guard of Valor):

    Arms (Dragonsworn Arms):
    Imbue: 37.5/32 (Quality: 99)
    Strength: 1
    Hits: 76
    Quickness: 25
    Constitution: 28
    Hits: 40

    Head (The Winged Helm): Speed/AoM

    Legs (Sigil Legs):
    Imbue: 37.5/32 (Quality: 99)
    Quickness: 22
    Shield: 1
    Dexterity: 28
    Energy: 11%
    Strength (Cap Increase): 5

    Hands (Sigil Hands):
    Imbue: 37.5/32 (Quality: 99)
    Slash: 9%
    Piety: 16
    Thrust: 9%
    Crush: 9%
    Dexterity (Cap Increase): 5

    Feet (Dragonsworn Feet):
    Imbue: 37.5/32 (Quality: 99)
    Flexible: 1
    Parry: 7
    Constitution: 13
    Dexterity: 7
    Spell Duration: 5

    Right Hand (Dark Knights Fury): 3.0 with 10% WSkill Buff and 200% Omni Proc

    Left Hand (Dragon Flame Protector): Large 3.0 with Reactive 130 Delve Heal

    Neck (Albion Medal of Honour): 350 Point 50% Ablative

    Cloak (Shades of Mist): Stealth Lore/Shadeform

    Jewel (Eerie Darkness Stone):

    Belt (Black Water Belt):

    Left Ring (Ring of Arcane Gestures):

    Right Ring (Ring of Granite enhancement):

    Left Wrist (Bracer of Snow):

    Right Wrist (Bracer of Snow):
  2. Manisch Depressiv

    Manisch Depressiv Part of the furniture

    You should post all of Kalorian's ultimate Reaver templates.
  3. BloodOmen

    BloodOmen I am a FH squatter

    Manish clearly trying to be a smart ass again :) already stated above "for starters this isn't my work i did not make this template" but yes it is indeed Kalorian's.
  4. Nuxtobatns

    Nuxtobatns Can't get enough of FH

    y..v good. If i played a reaver i would use this one. I hope with new stuff inc i can match something like this on my thane.
  5. Cadelin

    Cadelin Part of the furniture

    I don't like the imbue at all. You could improve the template just with a better choice for gems.

    It uses a gem with 1 strength....
    Also has gems with 1 shield and 1 flexible. This means he has used gems such as 7 parry which really do eat too many imbue points.
  6. BloodOmen

    BloodOmen I am a FH squatter

    Imbue isn't perfect but it fits and thats what counts :p it has what a reaver needs... check what the toys do/have procs for ;) the guy has set a new standard for reaver templates.
  7. BloodOmen

    BloodOmen I am a FH squatter

    Yea some of the new drops are amazing :) playing on USA/gaheris (pve server) atm myself so i get to see ALOT of the new pve drops from all 3 realms :) simply amazing.
  8. Cadelin

    Cadelin Part of the furniture

    The imbue clearly doesn't fit. He uses a gem with 1 str thats a complete waste and if you are going to argue that 1 str matters then why doesn't the template have 101 str?

    I said you could improve the template just by changing the gems and thus you would have exactly the same toys etc. I would show that it can be improved but he doesn't post the stats of the items and I don't have certain items on my database.
  9. BloodOmen

    BloodOmen I am a FH squatter

    Feel free to re do it then and show us what you'd have :p i think most of the new items stats can be found on vnboards.

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