The story


Fledgling Freddie
Jan 27, 2004
Hi there. This is my first attempt of writing a story. The beginning was actually written a few months ago but I never got around to continuing it until now. Please give your opinions on what was good and what was bad.

The hour was late, the moon was up and a cold wind was blowing. It was one of the very last days of the fall, promising more cold as the winter grew. It was the kind of night when most people huddle up in front of the fire with some heated spiced wine and a good story.
The only sounds heard in the great forest, known as skona ravine, was the sounds of the nocturnal inhabitants of the forest waking up and preparing for the everlasting hunt for food. A badger was making her way trough the brush, looking for something to bring home to her little ones. As she was carefully making her way, following her keen senses towards some unknown goal she suddenly stopped in her tracks. She tilted her head, listening into the wind. There came a sound as of someone running headlong trough the forest, careless of what may be in front of them. The sound was of someone, or something, running for their life! The little badger scurried away as fast as she could and vanished in a hole in the ground under a fallen tree.
The sound grew stronger as the runner came closer, the cracking of fallen branches was accompanied by someone breathing hard. All of a sudden a figure was seen as a silhouette against the moonlight. The runner was a young girl, not yet 18 years of age. Her eyes shone with fear and her cheeks glistened with tears. I do not know if it was because of the darkness in the forest or if it was the exhaustion from all the running but somehow the girl got her foot caught in a root and tumbled into a rock under a nearby tree. The terrible cracking of bones breaking was heard and the girl let out a cry of pain. She tried getting up but her broken leg wouldn't carry her weight. In a last desperate attempt to get away the girl tried to crawl on the way she had been heading but to no use, the pain was too much to bear for her and she sank down with her back to a tree. She thought she heard another sound coming from somewhere in the direction she had been running but it was soon drowned out as other sounds was heard. Sounds of someone else running trough the woods with weapons clinking as they ran. The girl sat there crying, looking as if all hope was lost as thirteen dirty, unshaven men ran into the little clearing bordered by the tree where our frightened girl was sitting. The men was panting hard from the effort of running as they stopped and smiled at the girl, who was now sobbing from exhaustion, pain and fear. The men all wore different kinds of armor, but they all had the same mark on their shields and helmets. The mark was of a hand holding a severed arm and you could easily see that these men were the kind that mothers used to scare their children with. The leader of the men, an unusually large man with a tattoo on his face, took a few steps towards the girl.

- You are a good runner girl, but that wont help you now. We will make you pay for making us run after you, you can be sure of that. Too bad we cant sell you to the slave traders, you would bring us much money, but I have my orders. I'm afraid we will just have to kill you right here and now where you will never be found.
- The first one who touches me gets a knife in the ribs for their trouble, the girl said between her sobs as she was drawing her small belt knife. Anyone could see that this was a person who was gonna fight to the bitter end even though there was no chance of surviving

All the men laughed, a grim sound. They knew that they could easily take care of this little girl without getting more than a few scratches at the most. The leader spoke once more;

- Say your last prayers little one for we must end this here and now.

As the girl sat there awaiting her doom she could once again hear the beautiful sound, but this time it was much closer. She could clearly hear that the sound was of someone singing. Somehow she felt refreshed and not quite as tired and frightened as she had just moments ago. Just as the leader of the men was about to reach the girl a commanding voice was heard from behind the tree which the girl was sitting by.

-STOP!! The voice said and around the tree stepped a stunningly beautiful woman. At her side a dwarf planted his solid body between the men and the girl, all the while singing the beautiful song the girl had heard. She understood that this was one of the followers of bragi, the people known as skalds.

- What goes here, the woman asked. thirteen ugly halfogres, judging by the looks, bearing down on a hurt and terrified girl. Too clumsy to make a living as cutpurses in Jordheim perhaps?, the woman continued.

- You have no business here woman, move along or we will kill your friend along with the girl and sell you as a slave.

- Do you hear that friends, the woman said with a smile on her face, they are gonna sell me as a slave.

A laughter was heard and seemingly out of nowhere a tall man with a bow slung over his shoulder materialized out of the shadows on the other side of the tree.

- We'll just see about that Andine, said yet another man walking into the clearing.

The men was taken aback by the eerie light emitting from the man, a faint light surrounding him completely. He held a staff, black as night as he calmly eyed the men.
The skald spoke in a low voice;

- Andine, this girl need your help. Let us deal with this scum while you take care of her.

- Sure Ahlgard, just wait for Rotcev. You know how he gets if you get into a fight without him being here, she said as she knelt next to the stunned girl, carefully examining her wounds.

As these words were spoken the clinking of metal was heard along with someone breathing hard. Into the clearing strode a huge troll. Ten feet in height and half as wide he was and carrying heavy armor along with a huge shield.

- I thought you would never stop he said as he was trying to catch his breath. But what is this, more exercise by the looks of things, he said with a wide grin in his broad face.

The leader of the brutes spoke to the friends who was obviously going to try to protect the girl.

- We are thirteen and there are just five of you. Leave now and we will let you live.

The hunter answered;

- Lives will be spilled tonight but they will not be ours. If you ever wish to see the sun again, lay down your weapons and return from wherever you came from.

The song the skald had been singing took on a completely different note. From being beautiful and uplifting it turned dark and menacing.
The leader of the brutes never answered, instead he made a charge towards Andine and the girl, thinking to take out the easy targets first. He never made it to them. The hunters hands seemed to blur as he drew his bow, nocked and arrow and shot with a speed to fast for the eye to see what was happening. The leader stumbled backwards with the arrow in his throat, trying to claw it out.
All of a sudden there was movement everywhere as the remaining men attacked. Althuriak was swinging wildly with his hammer, fending off two attackers at once. One of the brutes threw an axe at the man glowing with the strange light. Just when the axe was about to strike it suddenly bounced away, seemingly without hitting anything. At the same time the man called Searer, he's real name was unknown to all but a few, was moving his hands and whispering an incantation. As he flung his hands out a ball of pure darkness soared trough the air. The ball was dark enough to make the night seem bright. The ball of pure darkness sizzled trough the air and hit the axe thrower in the chest. He was lifted off the ground by the force of the impact and when his short flight was ended by the trunk of a great tree he was already dead, smoke rising from where his chest had been.
One of the men had made it past the skald and the hunter, who now had added even more to the tally of dead outlaws, and was just unleashing a mighty swing at the healer trying to help the girl. Just as he was screaming with triumph, sure of his kill, an enormous shield slammed into him with bone breaking power.

- No one tries to hurt Andine and lives to talk about it, Rotcev said with murder in his eyes as he unhooked his huge battlehammer from his belt. The outlaws scream turned into one of pure terror as the huge troll bore down on him. An awful sound of bones breaking was heard as the grim troll slammed home with his hammer.
The four still standing men threw down their weapons and ran off into the forest, scared witless of what they had seen. They were accompanied by a powerful roaring as a big tree next to them exploded in dark flames. The runemaster started to walk in the direction they had been running as the voice of Andine called him back.

- Searer, I need you here to start a fire so I can tend to this poor girl properly. Just don’t let your powers get away from you, we don’t want to start another forest fire.

- I will be careful, the runemaster answered as he began collecting firewood. Just because I make one misstake when I'm tired I get to hear it for the rest of my life, he muttered as he worked.

- I will see where they go, the hunter said and just disappeared from view.

- It always make me a little uneasy when he just disappears like that, Althuriak admitted.

Before long they had a fire going and the girl, under the skilled hands of Andine, was recovering quickly. In the distance they hear a wild howling as of wolves hunting under the full moon, only much more powerful. Another hour passed as they were tending their weapons and having a meal consisting of dried meat and water, the food always used when travelling. The towering shape of Rotcev was seen as he was standing lookout. Reassured that no one could get past him they lounged close to the fire.

- Falling asleep are we, a voice was heard in their midst. The hunter had returned from his scouting. I followed them as they ran straight into Malmöhus, not the smartest place to be on a night when the full moon is up, he said. They didn’t make it very far before the drakulvs spotted them and, well, I guess you can figure the rest.

- Good, then we are spared of the trouble of tracking them down and see that justice is done. Too bad that we didn't get to interrogate one of them to see what they wanted with this little girl before we dispatched them, Althuriak said. So far we haven’t been able to get any sense from the girl herself, the chock I guess. We best get some sleep, tomorrow we start to unravel the mystery of why they were so intent on killing her.

Once more everything was quiet in the woods, only the faint crackling from the fire was heard as they drifted off to sleep...


Fledgling Freddie
Jan 27, 2004
The sun rose again over the treetops in skona ravine and the warriors of Defiance started preparing for the days travel. Andine looked over the bandages on the girl, who’s name was Lindra, and saw that the treatment she had given her the night before had worked wonders. The girl could easily support herself on the leg.
That morning the girl had told them her sad story. She had lived with her father in the small town called Fort Atla most of her life. Her mother had died giving birth to her, and hence, she had never known her. All had been peace and quiet until one day when her father, who was working as a tailor, had started getting strange visitors in the middle of the night. The man coming to see him was of the kind that had hunted her.

- He looked like a brute, she said

This went on for a few months and her father started to look more and more tired as the days went by. He even started yelling at her, something he had never done before. One day he told her that they were moving away from Fort Atla and that they could never return. Lindra was devastated. She would have to leave all her friends behind and never again was she to walk the woods that she loved so much. She was furious and started screaming at her father, calling him an egoistic bastard. Her father broke down in tears and told her it was because of her they had to leave. They sat down and her father started talking...

- When I was young I was one of the best thieves in all the three realms. One day I got into a stupid bet when I was drunk. It almost got me killed but I won the bet.

Her father stood up, went to the back of their little house and lifted up a floorboard. Under the floorboard Lindra saw a small hole full of spiderweb. Her father bent down and lifted something wrapped in a piece of cloth. When he unraveled the cloth she saw a small object. There was something different about this object. It was still shiny after all the time in the hole. It looked ancient and it absolutely reeked of raw power.

- What is it, I asked

- This my child, is one of the most looked for objects in the three realms. It’s the missing power relic of Hibernia and the only thing that keep the hibernians from launching an attack on Midgard. This is also the reason why we must leave our beloved town.

- After the bet was won and I went to collect my winnings I was nervous and decided it was best to scout the area first. It turned out to be a trap and I ran for my life. Shortly thereafter I met your mother and gave up my illegal activities. Everything has been calm ever since and I had almost forgot I still had it until a few months ago when I was first contacted by a man named Morgath. Morgath claimed to be looking for old artifacts and pressed on even when I said I didn’t have anything of interest. He came back more and more often, sometimes he had someone with him. He started giving me hints about Hibernia and said that he knew what I was hiding. I refused to sell it to him and recently he started making threats. He says it must be returned to him so he can restore the glory of Hibernia. I fear for both our lives if we don’t leave this place tonight. We must travel far into the lands of Wanern swamp where we will throw this horrible thing in a bottomless hole so that the Hibernians never get their hands on it!

Lindra continued her story even though they could see tears building up in her eyes.

We traveled for many days and nights and was just getting close to Wanern last night when we passed a cave on the slope of a ravine. I don’t know why but that cave gave me the chills. All of a sudden men and beasts poured out of the cave. My father screamed “RUN” at the top of his lounges and drew an old dagger he had been carrying.

- He... he... he gave his life so that I could have a chance of escaping, Lindra said between sobs. When I looked back I saw one of the wolf-like beasts carrying his bloody remains into that cave.

I think we have heard enough, Andine said. That cave can’t be anything else than Varulvhamn but what the werewolves want with a power relic I can’t possibly guess. They usually don’t want anything to do with the free people of Midgard. We move at once, the guildmeeting will have to be postponed until we find out more about this. Althuriak, will you lead the way to Varulvhamn please.

The skald started singing the song Lindra had heard the night before and she felt all her fatigue wash away. She, who had recently been limping now ran faster than she had ever run before. She soon started recognizing the area as they got closer to the dreaded cave. Althuriak stopped, turned to her and said.

- We will not think less of you if you do not wish to enter this place, you may see some things that are not suited for a girl of your age.

- I may be young but my father died here and I want to know why, Lindra replied. I’m going in regardless of what awaits me in there.

- That’s the spirit, Ahlgard said with a smile. Searer, would you lead the way. I seem to remember that you know your way around this place.

- Yes, I have seen more of Varulvhamn than I care to remember. It is a big place, filled with awful beasts and built like a maze but be at good spirits. I will not lead you astray. Just stay behind me and we will see if the creatures dwelling here still remembers me or if I will have to freshen up their memories.

The Runemaster turned to them each, whispered a few words and moved his hands. When the turn came to Lindra she felt a slight tingling in her skin and thought she saw the strange light from last night surround her for a moment.
Don’t worry girl, I have only given you some protection from sudden attacks. Rotcev and Andine will keep you safe from everything else, Searer told her.
He then turned to the entrance and stepped into the cold darkness inside
When they had all stepped inside they stood there listening for anything unusual in the darkness. Then Searer spoke again. “I will light the way, just some words before we go. In the upper halls we will only encounter young werewolves that most likely will leave us alone. They only attack in large packs. The only thing we have to be careful of is the lycantics. These are unfortunate travelers that have been caught and are slowly turning into werewolves. They are half crazy and hate all that are not so unfortunate as they are. As we venture lower into the cave we will meet more resistance as the inhabitants grow in power. We must most likely go all the way down to face the king of werewolves, Hresveigr. He will hold the answer to our questions but he will not give them freely”.

Searer turned around and his black staff started shining with an unnatural light as they started their travel deep into the dungeon. As he had said they only caught glimpses of werewolves as they scurried away. They started feeling more safe and relaxed a bit as they walked further and further down. All of a sudden a scream echoed trough the halls and they saw a man, or rather, what had once been a man running straight for them from behind. Lindra, who was walking at the end of the column, screamed with fear as the lycantic closed in on her. The two screams, Lindra’s and the lycantics, were both drowned out by a louder scream. It was Rotcev attacking. He dropped his shield on the ground and lifted the huge two-handed battlehammer from his back. He ran towards the lycantic with the hammer lifted high. As the lycantic, froth coming out of his mouth, leaped for Rotcev’s throat he brought the hammer down with the power of his massive arms. He hit the lycantic in mid-air and sent him flying over a cliff. The lycantic hit the bottom 40 feet down with a crunching sound and was still and, judging from the way his back was bent, he would never move again.
Rotcev went to retrieve his shield from the ground and said to Lindra with an unusual soft voice.

- It might be best if you walk in front of me, little one. Just stay close enough for me to protect you.

Andine laughed, a sound that felt very odd at this place and said. “It seems Rotcev has found a new favorite, maybe I should be jealous”.
Rotcev came as close to blushing as a troll can and looked down. Andine gave him a friendly nudge in the ribs and said “I’m just teasing you Rotcev, we all feel for this girl. I know I can always count on you to keep me safe”.
The group started walking again and as they got deeper in the cave they started noticing torches on the walls and it was not as cold here as it had been higher up. They also started noticing more shadows moving around them, bigger shadows...


Fledgling Freddie
Jan 27, 2004
- We are getting close to where the lesser nobles of the werewolf society dwell, Searer told them. We will probably start meeting some resistance soon.

Just as he had finished speaking a towering shape called out to them.

- Who be you? This be wolfhome, no human allowed. Go or we take you down!
- Who we are? We are warriors of Defiance and you have committed a crime against the Realm of Midgard and against this girls father. We come to make things right again. Move or we will come trough you, Searer answered.

The group felt the tension in the air. Althuriak and Ahlgard, one step behind Searer on each side of him was on the brink of violence but they held still, not wanting to start the trouble that they knew would come sooner or later. The werewolf spoke again and now they saw more shapes behind him.

- Warriors of Defiance?! Frightened children and unwary thieves you look like me says. Me think you be lost and soon loosing your lives.
- I do not get lost in here, Searer answered. I have been here before. You couldn’t stop me then and you cant stop me now. Move out of my path or prepare to die.

The werewolf, sure of his speed and strength went straight for Searer with a howl. Ahlgard’s hands flew to the bow, thinking to take the beast out before he reached them but even tough he was known as one of the fastest bowmen in the realm of Midgard he had barely got the bow off his back before Searer launched his counterattack. He had known this would happen all along and was prepared for it. The werewolf had not taken two steps before Searer’s hands moved in front of him. The werewolf’s head looked like it exploded without reason. Black flames rose out of his eyes and ears as he fell to the ground. With a roar the rest of the gathered werewolves attacked. The first one fell almost instantly with an arrow rising from where one of his yellow eyes had been and as one of the balls of pure darkness flew trough the air and struck down yet another the charge stopped and they fled deeper into the cave.

- They were surprised this time but they will report this to the royal guards and they will not be so easily scared, Searer told his comrades. Come, let us move on while we have the chance.

They moved even deeper, all the while hearing growls echoing between the stone walls. The torches on the walls started coming more and more frequent and the halls grew bigger and bigger. “We best be vary now” Andine said. “I feel hate and violence in the air”. “true Andine” Searer replied. “we are very close to the king’s hall now and we wont go unchallenged much longer”.
They kept their steady pace for another twenty minutes and came to the biggest hall so far. In the middle of the hall stood a group of werewolves, big and strong they looked. As one they turned on the intruders and one, who seemed to be the leader spoke.

- So you be the ones that kill my brother and threat the king. You all die here, with much pain.

The werewolves, who they understood to be the royal guards, started moving towards them at a slow pace. They were said to never have failed to protect their king from brave adventurers and treasure hunter.
Althuriak started singing a battlehymn and it seemed to fill the room. The warriors of Defiance felt the rage and joy of battle coming over them. Rotcev hefted his shield and stepped in front of Andine and Lindra, battlehammer in hand and ready for anything. With a grim expression in his big face he said to Lindra, who was white with terror, “Don’t worry little one. As long as I live you need not fear anything from these foes”. Ahlgard had, calm as ever, nocked an arrow and stood waiting. Althuriak held his hammer in his hands, ready to unleash his fury. There came no signal, no sign or no warning. These warriors had fought alongside each other long enough to make such things unnecessary. As one they attacked. Althuriak’s song rose even higher as he charged the oncoming pack. At the same time Ahlgard lifted his bow, drew and fired in one smooth motion. As always, he hit his target with deadly precision and one of the wolves fell. The pack charged the warriors, crazed with bloodlust. Searer took one down with a spell that only left two charred stumps of legs of what had moments ago been a proud and strong werewolf. Althuriak was dancing a deadly dance in the midst of four werewolves, all towering around his short, sturdy body. His hammer falling over and over and always meeting the werewolves claws as they tried to take him down. Ahlgard fired three more arrows, everyone hitting their target, before he too had to discard his favorite weapon and start fighting with the spear he carried. He made his way to Althuriak so they could fight back to back as they had done so many times before. Searer flung his hands out again and again, burning fur and flesh alike. The werewolves closed in around the group and they looked like they were about to overrun them when Andine and Rotcev joined the battle. Andine threw her hands out with a scream and one group of werewolves looked frozen to the ground. Rotcev, still standing between the fight and Lindra who was alongside Andine, swung his hammer with rock hard muscles. Howls of pain were mixed with growls of fury and the wordless scream of hate coming from the huge trolls mouth as he broke bones, flesh and armor with the same ease.
Searer was about to go down by all appearance when his eyes became distant as he put himself in a meditative state. When he did this he could disregard all feelings and concentrate on killing whatever was in his way. He did not know how many times this had saved his life even though it often left him severely wounded since he totally ignored any damage done to himself. Andine moved around, always whispering incantations to take away the pain of the fighters.
Just as sudden as the fight had broken out it was over. Dead and dieing werewolves lay everywhere. The defiant warriors were covered in blood, both their own and that of their enemies. The air was thick of the smell of sweat, blood and burnt flesh. Althuriak chased the two surviving werewolves for a bit but Andine called him back.

- Let’s not forget what we came here for. We can not afford to loose any time by seeking revenge on all the people that have met their doom in these halls, she said.
- Let me just see to your injuries and let’s hasten on, she continued.

Andine hurriedly moved amongst the wounded fighters, seeing to their injuries and taking away their pain. No one was severely injured even though Ahlgard had a nasty cut along the side of his ribcage. He had bravely stepped in front of a werewolf that was about to strike down his old friend Althuriak and protected him with his body. Althuriak acknowledged this with a nod of his head and Ahlgard just smiled in return. They both knew that the other one would gladly have done the same had the situation been reversed.

- Well well, one more scar to the collection, Andine said as she treated the hunter’s injury. That should keep you up for a while longer but now we must move before more of these overgrown hounds come to meddle in our business.

They walked on for a few minutes when they came to a room brightly lit with torches. Inside the room they could see the enormous shape of the werewolf king, Hresveigr. They stopped in their tracks and Searer spoke once more.

- This is the one we came to see, he will hold the answer to our question but he hates all the free people of Midgard and hence he will most likely not give the information we seek without a fight. If, or should I say when, we fight him you have to remember a few things. He is by far the most powerful werewolf there is. Not only is he big and incredibly strong, he also hold some magical powers that he might try to use against us. When we strike him we must do it with all we have and everyone at once. Rotcev, you cant stay and protect Andine and Lindra this time, we need your strength in this fight. Whatever you do, do not underestimate him. The last time we met that cost my friend his life and almost mine too. And last, do not kill him, then we will have made this journey for nothing.

With these words he turned and went into the room where the king of werewolves awaited them...


Fledgling Freddie
Jan 27, 2004
Andine and Lindra stopped as soon as they stepped inside the room to stay away from the oncoming fray. Althuriak and Ahlgard was walking on each side of Rotcev who once more held the two-handed battlehammer. Searer was only two steps behind them as he addressed Hresveigr.

- I presume you know who we are by now. We come here to learn why your subjects killed and carried away this girls father and what he was carrying. We also wish to know why there were men involved in this affair. I did not think you wanted anything to do with the free people?!

- You come with question for Hresveigr? You only come here to die Hresveigr says!

With that the wolf king strode to action. He threw back his head and howled loud enough to make the walls shake, a sound of absolute terror. Andine had to hold Lindra to stop her from fleeing headlong from the room and into Odin knows what. The warriors of Defiance never broke their stride. Althuriak emitted a great battlescream of his own to give even more strength to his comrades and soon took up the battlehymn again. Then he and Rotcev made a combined attack on the enormous werewolf. Their two hammers stroke relentlessly over and over again. Rotcev was hit dead in the chest and fell to the floor where he lay stunned. Hresveigr bent down to bite down on his throat when an arrow struck his arm. He howled with pain and lashed out for Ahlgard. The hunter’s many years in the woods and encounters with foes, both man and beast, had given him almost superhuman reflexes. However Hresveigr clawed and bit he could not hit the hunter. Instead he just gave Althuriak and Searer more chances to injure him further. He once more turned on the still stunned Rotcev and did not even seem to notice all the blows that rained down on him. Just as he reached the troll’s defenseless body and Rotcev’s hope seemed lost a small shape joined the madness. Lindra had abandoned all her fear and sorrow as she saw the beast who was responsible for her fathers death go for the huge troll who had been so nice to her. Rotcev who was so big and strong and always tried making her feel safe. Rotcev who could strike fear into almost anyone but who had shown her he had a heart of gold. Rotcev, her friend. Rotcev, her protector. Rotcev.
Lindra screamed with all the fury and sorrow that was trapped in her frail body.

- Noooo. Leave him alone. Don’t touch Rotcev

She jumped up on Hresveigr’s back and tried to claw his eyes out but only succeeded to blind him temporarily. Tears were falling from her cheeks as she fought for the life of her friend. Rotcev must have heard her screams because he now started to stir on the ground, trying to get up. Hresveigr managed to get one of his huge paw-like hands around Lindras neck and easily lifted her off the ground. Her screams were drowned out as her windpipe was slowly being crushed. Tears were still falling from her cheeks, tears of sorrow for her father, her defenseless friend and tears of pain. “So this is how it all ends” she thought as everything started to turn black.
She felt a sudden jerk and she could breathe again. It felt like another will was trying to take control over the arm holding her. As her vision became more and more clear she saw a big hand with stone-like skin holding the arm of the werewolf king. Her heart skipped a beat from both joy and terror as she heard Rotcev say.

- Not her. Never her. Never again will I allow anyone to hurt her.

Lindra fell to the floor as Rotcev, stronger than any man in the tree realms, and wild with fury forced Hresveigr backwards. With an enormous effort he picked up the werewolf king and threw him headlong into a stonewall, making dust fall from the roof above. As Hresveigr tried to get up Rotcev was over him again, pounding his head with his rock-hard fists. Rotcev was in a state of fury he had never before been. How could anyone do all these things to the sweet young girl who had never done anyone any harm. Hresveigr’s movements stopped more and more as Rotcev kept pounding him, over and over again.
All of a sudden he noticed he did not hit the werewolf anymore, all his blows was absorbed by an unseen barrier. Rotcev turned on Searer with madness in his eyes and screamed “what are you doing, why are you protecting this foul creature?”.

- Remember what we came here for Rotcev, Andine said with a calm voice.

Rotcev suddenly remembered and stopped struggling. As he did this he noticed that both the skald and the hunter was trying to hold him back.

- I... I’m... I’m sorry, he stuttered. I just got so mad when I saw him choking Lindra like that, Rotcev said with shame in his eyes.

- Well, I for one am glad you did it, Lindra said.

- We all are, Andine said with a smile. I do not even know if it was necessary for me to heal you Rotcev. That scream of Lindra’s had at least as good effect on you.

- You truly are my hero, my brave troll, Lindra said to the now calm Rotcev.

As Andine saw to the injuries the troll had gotten in his fight with Hresveigr the others approached the werewolf. Searer spoke to him

- Now the choice is up to you. Either you tell us what we want to know or we end you miserable life here and now. Tell us what we want and we will let you live.

- I will speak, Hresveigr replied and began telling them an amazing story.

A few days earlier some men had come to speak with him. Since they did not look like men from the realm of Midgard he had agreed to talk to them. They claimed to be from a society called “Severance – The Bloody Liberation” and had shown him a mark of a hand holding a severed arm. They claimed to be from Hibernia and said that they had come to Midgard in search of a holy relic that had been stolen from their lands. They said that they hated all that Midgard stood for and wanted to slay every last person in what they called the cursed lands. Hibernia was ready for war they said. All they needed was this relic of theirs to launch an offensive and make their dream come true.

- Hwrrrr, what to do with me has this I ask them, Hresveigr said and continued his story

Our purpose must not be known to anyone lest they try to stop us. We have reason to believe the relic will pass outside your domains and therefor we want you to send your minions out to take it for us. If anyone sees this or comes looking for the man holding the relic they will think you have eaten him and that the relic is thrown in one of the deep cracks in this mountain where it will never be found again. Meanwhile we will travel back to Hibernia with great caution to return the relic to it’s rightful place and soon we, the glorious Hibernians, will be the new kings of Midgard. As a token of our appreciation we will donate all of skona ravine to the werewolves to rule as you see fit.

- Grrrr, me gladly accepted. I think, “me never see man again. Me have great kingdom” Hresveigr said. “That was all Hibernians said to Hresveigr. Hresveigr keep his part and soon Hresveigr be proud king of skona ravine”.

- Not if we can help it, Ahlgard said. This is some most disturbing news and we must leave at once. We make for our guildhouse where we can summon a counsel to prepare for our next step. We will honor our word and leave you alive Hresveigr but know this. If you have lied to us we shall come back with more of our brothers and kill every last werewolf in your kingdom.

With these last words they turned their backs on the wounded werewolf king and started the journey out of Varulvhamn. They went unchallenged all the way and before to long they once felt the sun on their faces again. After a short break to gather some strength they started their urgent journey to the guildmeeting...

And that's how far I've gotten on the story. Need to figure out some details before I can go on with it. Cheers

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