The Story of Thorma and Winny


Fledgling Freddie
Mar 10, 2004
This is the story of Torma and Winny....

[highlight]Chapter 1[/highlight]

There was once a lonely fish called Torma Thorma.

Torma Thorma was a small white fish with black circles on his scales. He lost his family in a freak accident (ok so they were eaten by sharks - details!).

When Torma was 3 years old, he met a young eel called winny. Winny was a brightly colored eel, with bright blue and green colors. Torma followed Winny everywhere.
Over time Torma and Winny became really good friends. They used to play games on the sharks, by getting them to chase after them, then swimming through a narrow cave, and drowning the shark!

A few months pass, and one day Torma can't find Winny anywhere. He looks at all the usual places that they would normally go, but nothing. Torma is very sad, so he swims back to his home, in hope that Winny might come back.
When he gets home, he finds a small sea shell under his mat. When he opens it, he reads: "Blow into this shell, and you will come and meet me". The shell was signed with the name: "Winny".

Torma was scared about blowing into the shell. He wasn't sure what would happen, or maybe it was a trick by the sharks. 3 days went past and finally he got the guts to blow into the shell, and hopefully meet his old friend.

Torma blows into the shell and BAM. nothing happens. Torma is thinking to himself, WTF???!!!?!!1111????? eh?

Then........ his entire house explodes and he is catapluted out of the water and launched into the sky. Torma is blubbling for his life. Torma can hear the loud noise of him wooshing through the air. He feels like he is flying! The air starts to get thin, and Torma feels dizzy, and then..... passes out.

Torma wakes up, floating above a rock. FLOATING?! Yes, floating. jeez!
Torma looks around. No water can be seen anywhere, except when he looks up to see the beautiful shape of the earth, spinning elegantly in the sun light.

Even though there is no water around, Torma finds that he can still swim around this strange place, so he sets off to see what he can discover.

As Torma is travelling around he suddenly sees a large blue, SHARK shaped object travel towars him very quikly. Torma shits himself, and tries to run and hide under a rock.... but to no avail. Before Torma can turn around, the mysterious object is already above him.

[highlight]Chapter 2[/highlight]

Faced with iminent cooking to be eaten for dinner death, Torma screams, in a fish like bubbly way.

Suddenly a familiar face appears behind him. Its Winny! yay!!!!
Torma begins to cry (which hurts because there is no water here).
Winny charges forward, and pulls out a small metal rod. At the press of a button, the small metal rod turns into a lampshade.

Winny tells Torma that the shark is called Alien Sharkfisher, the most evil of all sharks.

Sharkfisher Hesitates, then jumps forward to take a swipe at Winny. Winny, with his most flexible of eel muscles, dodges the attack, then hits Sharkfisher on the head with the lampshade. The shark falls to the floor, in shock of the events just passed. Attacked with a lampshade, jesus christ!

Winny stands firm, and with his tail, motions a signal similar to agent smith in the subway fight with neo in The Matrix. Sharkfisher gets up, and teleports in front of Winny.
"Big mistake!" says winny, as he turns on the lamp shade using his electric abilities. Sharkfisher screams as he is fried alive with a lampshade (omg budget movie!).

Torma shades his eyes, as he watches sharkfisher explode in a light frenzy similar to the end of the Alien Resurrection. Winny walks up to Torma, and greets his old friend with a hug.

Bad news! Winny forgot to turn off his electric abilties, and fries his old friend Torma Thorma to death! Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Winny is distraught. How could he live with himself now? After a moments hesitation, Winny decides to take his own life, to be one with the fishes.

[highlight]The End[/highlight]

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